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Arachnakid's Random Thoughts
I like anime and manga, especially Inu Yasha (oooo, Seshi is so HOT!!!). As to the question of ninja or pirate I am, without a doubt, a ninja. I will probably be writing personal thoughts and feelings, so if you're going to comment, please be honest.
Zantarni (sub-rant: Feelings about my Avi/Stories)
I found a really cool avatar/forum site called "Zantarni", which is very similar to Gaia except that there is no spamming because the amount of gold you make is based on the length of your posts. It's a lot of fun, but you need Firefox to sell things so I don't use it very often because I can only really do the forums and grind up to larger amounts of gold. It will probably take me at least 2-3 years to get a really good avatar, unless I donate, which I never have. I have no money, and anyways my mom would kill me for "wasting" it on a bunch of pixels. She'd tell me to just draw my own pictures. I don't think she'll ever see it as anything more than that. To me, my avatar is how I state myself to the outside world of thousands of people who, even if we never see each other's faces except in boxes of more pixels, I will speak to and affect more than I ever have the people I meet in real life. I want to express who I am and who I wish I could be. I can draw pictures (sort of) but the sites like Gaia and Zantarni are all about choices: you don't choose in life what your options are, but you can choose from those options, and those choices make you who you are. I guess in that respect, we have a very realistic system on Gaia. Your imagination is unlimited, but true creativity is having limits and still being able to express yourself as a unique and beautiful person (which everyone is. Gods, I know that sounds corny, but it's true.)

I purposely made my avatar look very much like me, except for her eyes being grey. Mine are blue/change color but I always wanted grey eyes. My first choice would actually be teal, which is basically what my eyes really are most of the time, but they didn't have that. Also, I had hair exactly like my avi's when I first made it, but it's actually shorter now. I just didn't want to spend the money changing it. Besides: I look better with long hair. I'm just too lazy to take care of it. I think that would change if I ever got a girlfriend though. For whatever reason, I have it stuck in my head that any boy who gives a $#!+ about my appearance isn't worth having around. I like dressing up and looking pretty, very much actually, I just don't like doing it very often. I probably wouldn't be half as moody if I dressed up all the time: I would be more inclined to smile because I'm always cheerful when I'm pretty. Er, when I'm dressed up, I mean. I'm always pretty! wink

I try to make her reflect my personality as much as possible. I chose those eyes because the others are too cheerful and don't have enough sarcasm. I also like them because they look sort of like cat eyes, at least to me. I rarely smile or frown so I usually have her with the small, expressionless mouth. It also makes her look like she has the personality of one of my favorite characters from my story: Unpredictably distant and seemingly ancient or childlike and eager to please, with a wild sense of humor and a nightmarish past that haunts her every waking moment, and leaves her writhing and screaming through the night, though during the day she never shows any outward signs of her pain. I sometimes wish I could be a character in my stories, but I think I would probably not survive in the Universe of my own making. I call the dimension in which most of the stories take place (although it is not our dimension even though it has human-like inhabitants) "Sheinondiundi" (shehn-OHN-dee-OON-dee), which comes from several words in the language of Truenames. Everything in the Universe has a Truename, including the Universe itself and the Goddess who created it, so things can only be roughly translated and words are not nessecarily short or easy to pronounce, since each word was only intended to be spoken once. Most People of Earth know the Truename of their dimension, but to control it they must first learn Spirit magic, which is fobidden to mortals. Only one person in my stories knows Spirit magic: Nani Joysinger, or "Maja Nani the Shaper", who is a Master of all five elements and is actually an incarnation of the Goddess, though She chooses not to remember it for the duration of Her lifetime. Since She is outside of Time, she can learn both as observer and as participant. "Shein" means "fire". Everything to do with the element of Fire is based off the word "shein". "Nond" means "from Nothing" and is the Truename of the Goddess. The Goddess was born from Nothing when She realized Her own existence and Named herself. (yes I know, lots of capitalized words. They are all very important.) The Universe consists of all the dimensions and beings which have been Named by the Goddess. "Diu" translates to "live/exist and change", and "ndi" means, basically, "war". This last is (almost) unique to Sheinondiundi and the dimension you and I call home.

Back to my Avatar. xd
Lately I have been developing a "traveler" look. I like it a lot. I will probably eventually quest for some items I really want, especially the Lunar Cloak.

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