alright!!!!!!!!!!today is great.i saw this movie and it was creppy they recreted dinosores and it killed all but 2 and the last 3 kills where kreppyb cause they showed blood skin getting pulled apart dead flesh fights and guns it was cool and kararte was cool also going to the movies and i had this drem that is was in a graveyard at night and everything came alive (i was carrying a shotgun a silent pistal and a machine gun )i 1000 came alive i thought i was going to die so out of nowhere a guy comes and cuts me in the rib and i pulled uot me machine gun i kill half the people idea then everboudy jumped on me i did not kbnow what to do untily................i used all my power and made a ring of fire i got burned and still was able to control it and then there was still 3 alive and we did hand to hand combate i was on the florer bleeding and brused wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance then then a person came (dont remember who but )but he killed that zom and i excaped ner death biggrin wahmbulance