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Nikki's Stuff. It's my stuff. ._.

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Yuki Yuzuka EP. 2
I saw Rukia stop infornt of me with a skidding halt. "Hollow! I can't find Ichigo!" she said and knocked my forehead with a gloved hand. My body hit the ground as my spirit was knocked back. I grasped my footing and looked at Rukia "What the hell!" I gasped. I looked down at me, I was the same. "Change quickly!" she said and started to run bac kthe way she came. I clapped my hands together and changed into my soul reaper form. I looked at rukia, my hair infornt of my eyes. I ran after her, faster speed. I followed the scent of the hollow, Rukia descending more and mroe away form me as I kept running. I saw it, the giant moster smashing things in its pathway. I grasped one of my soul slayers and ran forward. I leaped into the air and slashed it over its arm. The beast howled in anger and attempted to smash me with its other arm. I humped back, barely in time to jump on its back. I sliced it over the neck - too shallow. I bit my lip in anger and hopped off. THe beast had raised on its back legs. THis thign was huge. I gripped the halter of the other slayer, as I saw it shoot soem green needles at me. "na-nani?" i yelled in surprise. I tried to leap away form it but was shto in teh shoulder, knee, and hip. I hit the ground as pain seared through me. I screamed and tried to move. "What is this?" I whispered. I saw Rukia ran with Ichigo right behind her. "Hang in there, Yuki!" Rukia yelled as Ichigo leaped at the beast. I hit my face on the pathement. Everything went black as I heard the beast scream in anger and pain.

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