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Dear Moon Journal

Community Member
eyes of a teddy bear
Hello there
I am Patch the teddy bear
I have a story to tell
Will you please stay to hear?

Its about a sweet little girl
With rosy pink skin : And long beautiful hair
So brilliantly golden
But as innocent as she may seem
She had a deep dark secret
That she told only me

At seven years old
She had to learn to look after herself
Because living with her parents
Was like living in Hell

Every morning at three a.m.
Her daddy came home
Drunk again
Hed wake up her mommy
And call her names
Hed push her
And hit her
It was always the same

During the day
When her daddy was at work
Her mommy would lock her in the closet
And make her sit in the dark
She cried and she cried
But no one would care
And thats when she found me
Her darling little teddy bear

She gave me a name
And called me Patch
Took one good look at me
And said it was a perfect match

She held me tight
And called me her best friend
She told meShe held me tight
And called me her best friend
She told me all of her secrets
From beginning to end

But one fateful night
All would change
And this innocent friendship
Was never the same

Her daddy came home
Late once more
Drunk like always
But now he had with him a whore

Her mommy woke up
And saw what was happening
She yelled at her daddy
And told him Start packing!
Her daddy got mad
And called her a b***h
He said it was all her fault
That it came to this

The little girl heard all the horrible fighting
So she covered her ears
And started crying
Her daddy heard her
And went to her room
Then threw her to the floor
With an enormous BOOM!He gazed at his daughter
Laying helpless on the floor
He pondered for a moment
Then shut her bedroom door

He wanted one thing
And he saw his chance
So he undid his zipper
And pulled down his pants
With rage in his eyes
And a twisted grin on his face
But what happened next
I cant bare to say

The little girl screamed
And she cried for help
She begged him to stop
But he said Shut up little b***h
And burn in Hell!

Her mommy heard her
And came to see
But what she saw when she opened the door
Made her drop to her knees
Boiling with hate
And steaming with jealously
She screamed You little slut!
How dare you do this to me?!

She got to her feet
And ran to the door
She went to the kitchen
And opened the drawer
With fury and rageShe grabbed a knife
And tore back to the room
With thoughts of taking a life

She burst back in
In a furious rampage
She plunged at her husband
And stabbed him in the ribcage
The little girl screamed
And hid under the bed
She grabbed her blanket
And pulled it over her head

She saw me sitting there
And held me tight
She told me Im sorry my friend
But I fear our friendship will end tonight
Those were the last words
That she ever said
Then her mommy grabbed her feet
And pulled her out from under the bed
With one final scream
And the stab of a knife
That was the tragic end
Of my dearest friends life

This is where our story
Will come to a close
But what happened to her mommy
Im afraid nobody knows
Blood was shed
And two people were killed
An abusive father
And an innocent child

At the very young age
Of only seven
Her spirit now lives on
With God in Heaven

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