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New People. New Stories. New Legacy.
Could this be a possibility?
Could these be possible diseases in the near future? Being a future doctor, I'm constantly doing research on diseases to prepare myself.
G.U.I.L.T.- “Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin”

7 Strains:

1. Invisible Blades: Kyriaki- A parasite that makes lacerations to the organs. Comes in mature and immature types.
2. Creeping Tumors: Deftera- A mobile tumor that comes in two types (Type A and Type B). Often comes in two pairs and often attack two different parts of the body.
3. Contagious Nightmare: Triti- A mass membrane with thorns on each corner that slowly petrifies the organs. As the thorns are removed, the membrane will spread according to the placement of the thorns.
4. Synchronized Venom: Tetarti- A virus that comes in three types that affects the liver. Creates poisonous abscesses.
5. Armored Bacteria: Pempti- A virus that makes a gelatinous fluid in the lungs. Sends in multiple spawns to attack the victim.
6. Arrow to the Heart: Paraskevi- A fibrous virus that makes lacerations as it moves. It first starts out in the intestines. Then, it moves through the body until it reaches the heart, where it will kill the victim.
7. Faceoff with Death: Savato- A parasite that wraps a web around the heart and drains of its energy. Sends in multiple spawns to attack the heart

The underlined titles are nicknames for the strains. The actual names (in bold letters) are actually the days of the week translated from the Greek language; Kyriaki being Monday, Deftera being Tuesday and so forth.

6 Strains:

1. Cheir (The Hand): Appears in pairs, making lacerations and tumors. They also have the ability to fuse into a larger Cheir who provoke multiple lacerations at each strike.
2. Soma (The Body): Large blue mass of tissue. Spread parts of its cytoplasm which in turn become tumors.
3. Ops (The Eye): Creates tumors and lays eggs. Two other bodies supply it with nutrients.
4. Onyx (The Claw): Makes multiple lacerations and hides in the tissue. If threatened, it can create copies of itself as a mean of protection.
5. Brachion (The Arm): Looks like a legged tarantula. Attaches itself in an organ by the use of its "grapplers" and release toxins through them.
6. Cardia (The Heart): A beetle-like organism that creates a membrane on the heart, from which it decreases the patient's vitals over time. If somehow the membrane is removed, it starts to provoke lacerations and release some bomblet-like eggs throughout the heart.

Leave a comment as always.

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- Una Kimi -
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Oct 16, 2008 @ 06:40am
-Stamps this journal entry-


This journal entry is totallah myne xP

*Tries to read*

Eh..... Seh.... Quaw.... Teh??

Oooh..... It says "The"

I knew that

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