Wow, my last entry is VERY emo! Not likeme at all... Guess I was in a funk.

I snapped out of that after I had a wierd dream a few months ago. This is how it went:

I was sitting in a forest clearing fishing in a lagoon. I was aiming for a Loch-Ness-monster-lookin' thing and I could see it, but when I got a bite, I pulled up a lion! So the lion starts to chase me and I run into a cave. When we get to the back, there's an old man there and he chases me and the lion out. When we get out, we look at each other, shrug, and become friends.

Now, this dream was so random that I had to find out what it ment. So I broke out my handy dandy Dictionary of Dreams and looked up the main points. This is what I wrote down from the book:

lagoon(clear)-connection to uncontious, fantasies not known to others, looking into self, clear self-confidence, optimism
searching-quest, mission, loss of some sort
nessie- mystery
lion- strength, power, courage, ego
cave- explore hidden matter/emotion, deep dark emotions
old-think of attitude/death, symbol of fear, learn lesson
friend-acknowledge personality

Meaning... stop griping about getting old and be brave? That's what I got from it, and y'know? That fear is gone now.