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iAngel Hikaru
Community Member
~MiDnIgHt VaMpY~

Chapter 1: Oh no the test

There are many secrets to this world, some never to be told. But many have twist to them. You can never be off guard to the surprises they give you. But the most that you don’t expect is the ones that involve magic. Magic faded away from the earth many sentries ago. People knew this, but over time Man started to forget about it, like it never existed. My Story starts here on one of my normal school days, but this day was different Today I wasn’t expecting the unexpected. Well to say so myself I always keep a open mind to the worlds wonders. But today was my big test but I didn’t have time to study, because I had to work my night shift at the bar. I was planning too but I fell asleep before I got a chance. So I guess you can say this is where my troubles begin.
“Ring Ring”. “Mrrree…..ugh..man I hate mornings”. Oh and did I mention I am not a morning person at all. “Ring Ring Ri OK OK IM UP ARE YOU HAPPY NOW”. “Oh man I guess I better make the best of today when I have the chance, but the only thing getting in the way is the stupid…..Oh..My…God I forgot to study”. “Yeeee this cant be good, ok I need to focus get dressed, do all the extra stuff, then go study with the time I have. Ok I think that can work”.
I got out of bed in a flash I done everything I had to do as fast as I can. Ok now all I need to do is go find my book and notes. So I cornered the hallway, and went into the living room. Only to find my pet dog eating my notes, and he also peed on my book. I fall to my knees, hands on head. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. “How can this be, why today of all days for this to happen”. Well as you know I have a dog, he is a Border Collie. His name is Heart, he is a arrogant dog but I love him anyway though. Well Heart just sat there like I was I stupid person trying to read the worlds most informational book.
“My teacher is not going to believe that my dog ate my notes, that is like the oldest trick in the book”. I turned to look at the clock it was already 10 min. after I was supposed to leave. “Oh no you are not going to get me into anymore trouble then I am already in so goodbye”. With that I got my stuff and left”. My dog just sat there still doing what he was doing in the first place. “Stop it..Oh and bye the way we will settle this later mister”.
With that I left in a hurry. But my luck only I bumped into Jabbering James as we call him. I mean really he never stops talking. It is either about what he did yesterday or what he is going to do tomorrow. So that is where he got his name from. “Hey Miharu what are you do in, well I just got done buying lemonade from that lemonade stand over there. It is really good if you know what I mean. No wait you don’t, because you have to taste it yourself to know what I mean. But guess what tomorrow I am going to the mall with my mom it is going to be really fun, but I was wondering if you want to come too”?
“Well I don’t think that is going to work, because I probably have to finish a test because of it, and I have to work”. “Oh I see”. Ok I am freaked usually Jabbering James doesn’t have that kind of tone in his voice. He usually has a hyper, exited tone to it but now it is like a low, sad tone. “Well how about I work something out and we can go another time ok”. “I guess…”. “Good now I have to go or I cant go with you at all ok well bye”. Without thinking or waiting for a reply I started running as fast as I could down the sidewalk. I had to get to school before the school bell rings or I will come in class when it has already started. With every person there starring at me, and also I will be the laughing stock the rest of the week.
Ok lets get this straight and I apologize for this, but my name is Miharu Tuzukie. I am just starting high school. Many things have happened to me. Well some of those things are that my mother died the night after I was born, so I never knew her. My dad didn’t want to be left with me to take care of, since he could barley take care of himself. So as most parents would do when they didn’t want their kid they dropped them off at the orphanage. But it wasn’t so bad there as you would think even though the food was awful, I managed. I grew up over my years learning about the world, but what I really needed to know was what I didn’t know. When I finally turned 14 they kicked me out. I didn’t know anything about the outside world. But as I said before I managed. Working at the local cafe as a waitress was I hard job to get because I was turned down so may times because of my age. And it went on from there I dropped out of school for a year, but decided if I was to ever really manage the world I had to get a education first. So I guess you can say that it lead me here where I am now, and I still work at the cafe too.
I wonder why Jabbering James had that tone in his voice when I turned him down. I might of hurt his felling, but I cant help it I was just telling him the truth, no harm done right. Or maybe he has a little crush on me because why would he ask me, and when I said I couldn’t he looked really sad. Well I don’t need to think about that now anyway. I have a big test today I need to think about and the fact I didn’t study for it either.
“Oh man I really need to get there quick”. “Hey Miharu wait up”. Well it is good to know I ant the only one late to class, especially on the first day. “Hey you late too Miharu”. “Yep”.
Ok you mite be wondering who I am talking too, lets just say she is one of my best friends. Her Name is Aster Mishunato. Me and her haven’t known each other that long but if you didn’t know that than you would think that we have known each other since we where in dippers. But no, actually we mete a year ago at the cafe. Yea I remember clearly.
~Flash Back~
~Aster's pov.~
“Yea I know, no he did wow I didn’t think he would say that”. “I know”. “He is such a idiot to say that, but he is a cute idiot though isn’t he Yami”. “Yea don’t you think so too Zukie”. “Yea I do”. “Hey guys don’t you want to go by the local cafe and get something to drink”. “Eww No Aster they sell nasty cheap coffee there, why would you want to drink something that foul”. “It is not nasty it is really good”. “Ok then why don’t you go get your contaminated drink then come catch up with us later ok”. “Yea ok I guess that will work, later”.
~Back to Miharu's pov.~
“Yes….yea.. ok will that be all sir”. “Yes and also put extra noodles in it too please”. “Will do”. I then went to Kyo to give him the order. Yes Kyo is the chief of the cafe, and yes we sell more than just coffee. Well since I got that out of the way, I guess it is time to got to the next table. “Hello there mam what would you like today”. “Oh just two regular coffees”. “Yes mam, but not to be rude there is only you and no one else so why bye two”. “Because one is for me and the other is for you, why you don’t want it”. “Yea mam I would I will be right out in a minute". You shouldn’t of done that Aster, but she is new so mine as well get to know her. “Here you go mam”. “Thank you and please stop calling me mam call me Aster ok”. “Ok so why did you bye this for me”? “Well because you are new here and seeing that I am going to see you everyday I mine as well get to know you and be friends”. “Oh ok well that is very nice of you Aster and thank you”.” Yea it is no problem”. So after all that we started bonding closer.
~End flash black~
“Well we better get there before it is to late”. “Yea I guess we should” I giggled. We finally reached school grounds but when we got there no one was outside and we all know what that means. “Crap we are late”. We ran past the main entrance to the school, finally we reached the doors. We ran down the hallways not knowing where to go. We reached the class room, but guess what is was the wrong one. So we cornered the hallway finally we found our classroom. We where so pumped up from running we slid past the door trying to grab it. And then we calmed ourselves down. “Ready Aster” I said. “Better than Ever”. I started to twist the knob gently trying not to make to much noise. Then I got it open bright white lights filled our eyes then…

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Silver Nephilim
Community Member
comment Commented on: Wed Jan 02, 2008 @ 12:10am
Cool. But who the hell's talking? lol. sweatdrop

comment Commented on: Sun Jan 06, 2008 @ 08:39pm
really cool, but umm... wut is the bright light @ the end? and did u write this lately?

mudd gurl
Community Member
User Comments: [2]
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