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"And We Loved It."

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MANTRA -updates randomly
Only By Listening and changeing our regular thoughts can we attain Enlghtenment.
Any Fool can Make A Rule, and Any Fool Will Follow It.
It is wrong to try and force someone to think the way you do.
It is human nature to attempt this, this one reason, we have Speach.
Rules Cannot Be broken For They Never Really Exist.
Order Must be Found And Maintained.
Humanity Will Save Itself
Humanity Is Doomed
The individual has within themselves great benevolance.
By oneself when no one can See it is easy to do great and horrible things
If You Exist There Is A Place For You
That Does Not Mean You Will Find It
Love as we Know It is Non Existant
Love is all you really need.
No Man Fights A War Thinking He Is Wrong.
There Is AllWays A Meaning When We Take Action. Even, If We May Never Know What.
We Fight Simply For The Love Of Violance.

Money is a Hateful thing but Not The Root Of All Evil
It's Just Another Exstention Of What Is
You Either Do Or Don't, There Is No Try
Try Anyways.
Fight For What You Belive In, But Never Belive It Is The One And Only Truth
Out Rage Is The Right Of Every Being
Rage Without Power Is Meaningless

Money Is Allways A Problem You Either Have Too Much, Or Not Enough.
The Problem With The World Is 'Love'
It's Lack Of It And Exsesive Over Use

The Brain Is A wonderfull Thing It works Constantly Untill You Really Need It.
We Controll Nothing Not Even Our Selves
We Must Take Responsibility For Our Actions.

Perception is Reality
If You Can't Touch It Then It doesn't Exist.
Touch Is Not Allways A Physical Term.

If There Is No God Then To The Best Of Our Knowlage We Are The Highest Beings.
Even If We Are Infact The Lowest...
We Have Taken Up The Mantel Of Being Masters Of Some Kind, Be It
Our Life
Our Home
Our Pets
Our Minds
Whatever It Be We Are It's 'Masters' And Therefore God. We Must Act Accordingly.
Be Benvolent To That Which We Claim To Rule.

Love Is The Strongest Thing
But Is Broken Easily

As Soon As You Claim To Understand Something..
That Is When You Know You Are Ignorant Of It

Gender Is Irrelavent
You Can Never Truely Be Equal To Any One, Take Pride And Humility In That.
You Cannot Expect The Same Things Of Girls And Guys
I 4/|/| 7eh ?/?o57 1337 P345s0|| %o|_I W1ll Ev4 M337
I 4m A ||008

Your Dreams Are Free
The Price To Grab Them Is Steep
So Free Your Dreams
Nothing Is More Boring Than Someone Who Thinks They Are Original and Could Be No More Of A Paper Cut Out
The key to being orginal- is hideing your sources and inspiration Well.
If You Think It.. Some One Else Has Too.
The mark of a imature man is that he is willing to die gallantly for a cause
The mark of a mature man, is that he is willing to live humbly for one.
That leave us somewhere in the middle.
People who use 'reverse psycology' should not complain about sarcamsim

what will get you hung in seriousness
will make you rich in comedy

Do not attempt to remove a splinter from another's eye
when there is a log in yours
If you wait for someone lacking a afliction
it'll only get infected
Appathy is worse than death
but by saying that I am no longer appathetic
Logic is a god send
and a devil's hook

Damned are they that foresake their brothers,
blessed be those that keep them

It take alot of love to hate some people
Love makes the world go round.
That and physics

Blood makes the grass grow
tears do not

People weep not for the dead
They weep because they are left behind

When did ethics and morality split?

Courage is a brutish and fool hardy virtue
O how I wish to be foolish again

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