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First day of the rest of my life............ Welcome to my lil blurb that is my life :)

OG LiVeena
Community Member
...towards change, and for the good smile
Today is def like the best day of my life smile
I went to an interview for a place my stepmom works at and they told me i made her look bad smile
I'll be makin a lot more money now and a full time job workin for a patent lawyer

And prob the most awesome is i had recently gotten a ticket (technically 2 - sppeding on the parkway 70/50 and drivin w/ a suspended license)
and i called the officer today and he told me he would drop my case since i hadn't known and i've takin care of the problem

So yayness *happy dance*

It's only a matter of time now till i move out and am finally free! <3

I now have my license back smile
Went to the DMV today after my class and got it back razz
Only downside is my pics a lil ******** up

Yay, and i bought some new clothes for my new job <3

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OG LiVeena
Community Member
comment Commented on: Thu Jul 14, 2005 @ 04:10am

Well today was great (aside from my crappy job havin a problem w/ me not comin in today or 2morrow but they can suck it)
I got compliments from one of the lawyers about how hard i work and how intelligent i was smile
Def cant wait to see what good things can come smile

comment Commented on: Thu Jul 14, 2005 @ 07:40pm
Congrats Livy ^^

Mr Res
Community Member
OG LiVeena
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sat Jul 16, 2005 @ 04:13am
eek Wow somone actually read my journal and i didn't have to be all like "READ MY JOURNAL DAMNIT" scream gonk
xd 4laugh heart
LUVCHU heart heart domokun

comment Commented on: Wed Aug 03, 2005 @ 10:26pm
blaugh ...so wats new on the job?..time for a journal update..no? blaugh

Community Member
Community Member
comment Commented on: Mon Aug 08, 2005 @ 07:53pm
Congrats on gettin' your licence back, Livvy! blaugh

Now to get that car pimped out. wink heart

comment Commented on: Tue Aug 16, 2005 @ 08:53pm
Most of us (me ninja ) are lazy like that
haha CBN actually I bought some new M3 fenders!!
REAL M3 fenders

OG LiVeena
Community Member
User Comments: [6]
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