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Syuri isghar
The gaurds were fast, but she was faster, one by one she sliced them men apart, blood was splatterd all over her face and clothes. The king was horrified, not for his men but for his life, she pointed the sword at the king and smerked. "I'll be taking the prisoner back now, so if you would please release him, we'll be on our way." She sheathed her sword and approched the prisoner, she pulled up his face and revealed his dark crimson eyes and his strong face. "Are you okay Adar?" Adar fround, "it's about time you showed up! What kept you?" She glared and let his face drop to the ground with a thud, a light mumble came from his mouth then he slowly raised it agian. "Okay, so you did good, now would you please relase me?" She took out a small knife and slashed the bounds on his hands. "There, now lets be on our way." As Adar rose to him feet he looked up at the king, who was still wide mouthed. "you wealthy son of a b***h, I should slaughter you right now, but I can't risk being caught agian, next time you try to find me, I will kill you, that's a promise." Adar and the girl slowly walked out of the castle, she had slan all of the dangerus gaurds, Adar stopped and looked at her. "Next time I'm captured, make hast to get my out, dont wait until the last minute." She glared, "i could've left you sorry carcass to the king, but i didnt so stop complaning." Adar grabbed her face gently and gave her a kiss, she relaxed and kissed back. When Adar pulled away, he looked at her for a bref moment then walked to the gate, he held two fingers to his lips and whisled to the night sky, moments later a dark stallion with eyes of gold came running from under the moonlight, his body was larger than usual and his grace was firm and poetic. When the stallion approched Adar he nuzzeled his shoulder, Adar patted his neck, "Good boy Galbator." He held out his hand for the girl. "Come Syuri, home is a long ride." The girl known as Syuri walked over and ignored his help, she grabbed the saddle and hoasted herslef on the giant stallion back, Adar grinned and sead to himself, "i love that woman!"

to be continued ninja

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