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"fallen rainbow"
whatever randomly comes to my mind i will randomly write down. on some random day...........randomly
Yvonne’s Birthday story (when Courtney got here…)

I feel like all my friends are psycho… mainly Courtney.
Oh well. We will all live. I hope. We might all die in a tornado she created. I mean COME ON! Who is a living hazard to society?! She
has done some strange things. Getting hit by a bus,
jumping out of buildings, the list goes on!
Then there is Jess and Libby… they plan on conquering
the world w/ their boobs! How do you do that? …well I guess
they are bigger than anyone else’s in the room but that doesn’t mean they can “rule the world”.
Courtney is being weird again…
Now I’m getting complaints from Sophie for trying
to type her into this strange log…
HOLY!!!! Jess and the spastic woman Courtney
just went outside to do the hokey-pokey. IN THE MIDDLE OF MY STREET!!!!!
… I gotta make better friends… or at least get one or two that are sane… ok maybe more than two… I guess I’ll live… (I hope…)
Libby says she is sane. She only pretends
to be insane because it’s more fun… Courtney, on the other hand… story told. And Lili is sane when you don’t give her a game control or a manga…
They apparently are going out again. To do the what-ever-they-want-to dance… if there is such a dance…
Lili is running to the… discontinues sentence
When I went outside, I found everyone in the street…
I guess I’m writing a story on what is happening tonight.
It is actually quite funny. Since Courtney walked through the door, my house has been a WHOLE lot louder.
I’ll end this to preserve my sanity…


JUST KIDDING!!! Says Libby-sempai…she will now continue to
make random things happen to random people.
I feel like writing in italics… So four of us are playing
Wario-Ware…and I (Libby-sempai) am going back to
correct the spelling and grammar of this entire document.
I have already fixed the
capitalization problems…
Yeah, Konrad fails at the balloon game…but Sophie-chan
lost…Baka Konrad.
Back to more important things. Poor Sarita-kohei,
she has a bad headache. I hope she feels better soon.
Oh yeah. I’m borrowing Yvonne-chan’s copy of Howl’s
Moving Castle. There is nothing that can stop me from
borrowing it. I want to hear it without distractions. But,
OMG!!!!! Christian Bale is the voice of Howl. I could die from happiness. KYAAAAAAAAAA!!
Yeah, my eyes are really dry and my voice hurts.
I had a nine to five rehearsal for the Spring Musical today. And my feet hurt…
Mrs. Pulver just got here, so Sarita-kohei is going home now…
And Dax (Jess) says ‘Wheeeeeee!’. She just realized
that it was ten o’clock and she has to get home.
Bye, Jess and Sarita! I’m gonna…

Kyaa!!!!! Faye interrupts story with a “WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

…Oookay. As I was saying, I gave Sarita a hug and Sophie too. And Lili
just left. So all that’s left is me, Konrad, Yvonne, and Courtney.
It just got really quiet. And I need to call my father so I am going to let
Courtney take over…Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

Watz up, this is courtney aka coco de la chance
and of course we all already know that im a crazy pshyco
woman who is totaly HOTTT!!!........
but the party
never got started till i was there i mean look when i got there they were watching a movie, but after i got there the party had started and we had
crazy adventures um like singing in the middle of the street and eating that really intresting cake....... intresting what would they
have done without me i mean
hello courtney makes the world go round !!!!!! peace out (until next time )
(Muhahahahahahahah..*cough* HAHAHAHA)

Courtney (aka, Coco de la chance)

ps the bus did not hit me i ran into the bus......geez faye get
the story correct next time, false info could make me look


(for now........)

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  • User Comments: [2]
    Very nice courtney.

    comment Vamp 178 · Community Member · Mon Feb 18, 2008 @ 03:42am
    that was a funnie party, lets do it again!!

    comment miss_brown_sugar · Community Member · Mon Feb 18, 2008 @ 04:26pm
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