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the stoyes of my life
i just like 2 have fun
do ever think, what happens to you after u die? i do sometimes. its just a weird feeling i get thinking about liveing in a perfect place like heven for all eternity. the truth is, i dont know what perfect is. heven is a place where nothing bad ever happens, and youll never have to shed a tear. where you will never have to be hartbrokin. how could you be happy all the time? because without sadness, there is no happyness. heven is so hard for me to understand. how could i nver be sad if i have no one to love? no one to tell secrets to? wat about the things that make me happy, like going out with my friends and watching my favorite tv show. what if i dont want to be happy all the time. what if i just want to listen to my music? do they have t.v in heven? or cd`s? what about the ather feelings that make us who we r? is life a test that we just have to pass? i want to feel all the feelings. not just one. if i feel sad, then i`ll love happyness even more. but if im happy all the time, then ill nver know if i really am happy. after life is over, does god change us into robots? only feeling one thing.i dont want to die, im not ready. i want to love and cry. i want to be able to help ppl when they are in trubble. to me, heven isnt the place for me, not yet. nether is hell because it is the same thing, one feeling, hate.

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Im Ville Valo
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Apr 26, 2008 @ 05:24pm
this is one of my many reasons for staying out of all religions.... i FULLY agree with you on this... 3nodding

Join me. Let us defeat the lycans.
commentCommented on: Sun May 18, 2008 @ 04:32am
i agree to... 3nodding 3nodding

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