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All you need to know!! ^_^
okay i am redoing this cause it is old!! lol um yea i write in these journal things to keep my self from boredom and plz comment!!! i need to kno how u feel about these topics!! O.o
These are just some poems i have created

Cheyenne's Poems made all these up stole none of these and this is copyrighted by the law of me.
Everyday I wonder,
My heart wants to know,
Does he love me?
Or does he just want to be friends?
My shyness keeps me away,
From the things I want to know the most.
But until then,
I will wonder and wonder.
This life
This life has taken control.
Is it even worth all the effort I put in it?
There is every thing standing in my way.
I get through one problem and get in to another.
My life gets worse and worse, lower and lower.
But I guess it will go back up.
As I lay hear staring at the stars,
Wondering about the past and thinking about the future.
Thinking about what I have done,
And what I am going to do later.
It is difficult the future,
Choices must be made,
Some are right, some are wrong.
The future is scary but it is something I must go through.
Rain cloud
Has there ever been a day,
Where you felt like a big rain cloud?
That one rain drop could make you burst?
Those days were your life feels the worst.
Never doubt though,
Because there will always be some one,
There for you and if you just look over you shoulder,
You will see there are a lot of people,
That will make those days vanish.
Him and me
I am happy for her, I am happy for him,
I am happy for them.
It is just me, I felt the worst.
She is my friend, he is my friend.
He asked her, she said yes.
Now here I am, no one to love,
Or some one to love me.
I wish I had what she has,
To love and be loved.
I wish I had a him,
To tell all my friends about.
The One
The one I love.
The one I see.
The one who nurtures me.
The one that loves.
The one that sees.
The one who cares for me.
The one who knows all.
The one who’s name,
The one who’s name is mother.
Friends are there to help you.
Some times friends fight.
That is why there is Siblings.
Sometimes siblings argue.
That is why there are parents.
Parents are always there, no matter what you do,
No matter how mad they get,
They will always love you.
Never forget that, because sometimes they may forget,
You love them back.
Point of life
Why even bother with this life?
Every one just ends up dead in the end.
All the sacrifices and hurt we go through
And why to just end up six feet under
I don’t understand
How we got here or why
But right now it makes no sense
To create us to live then die
What could possibly be the purpose?
But to die in this cruel world.
Everyone has a path that they create.
A path of life.
Some people have a happy life,
Far away from the dark unknown forest,
That tries to steer you away from the light.
Others are overwhelmed and stay,
In the forest and live a life of misery.
It's your choose where you go in life.
Some say their parents choose for them.
That’s not true, you choose.
You do what you want when you want.
But there are laws that are there to help you not harm yourself.
Teachers are there to help you not harm yourself.
Anyone who tries to hurt you is an enemy.
Enemies steer you into the forest.
And friends always steer you back into the light

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Umi Kitsuna
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Aug 30, 2008 @ 09:24pm
wow you r really good!!

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