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What I've Done
I named it that to tell you what I think about the song What I've Done. Here is the url, I suggest you watch it first before reading this.


Now, when he says 'Because I've drawn regret from the truth of a thousand miles', I think it means humanity is just realizing about what we are doing to the world. If you look at some of the pictures, there are some very cruel ones. Like at 2:54 there is a radioactive pond of some type, it's glowing green. And at 3:09, it shows a mere child with a gun, probably loaded. I think he might be an Iraqie. My point is, I saw this song as a very moving story. Not really a song. I think it's purpose was to wake up humanity and say, 'Yeah, hi, hello, time to wake up and save our world,'.

At the beginning, the grass growing down represents that we messed up our world, and at the end, it shows the grass growing back, which means there is still time to fix what we ******** up. It shows how us Americans pig out on food while other countries are dying of starvation.

So now I ask, how does it feel to be responsible for all this? We all are. It's the cold truth. Now, how can we all fix it? Our world is getting more ******** up than it is being fixed. Do YOU want to be part of the ******** up half? No, not half, not even a quarter of the world is helping with this global warming. Many don't know how they can. Many can't do anything about it because the world they ******** up fought back and disabled them. For those of you Christians out there, let this be a sign to start doing something.

I see it every day, when I walk out from buying a smoothie, some guy throws his meal on the ground and walks away. I pick it up. That is an example of what you can do. Its sad cleaning up after others, but if they see it, they feel guilty. It happend to me once. I was in 4th grade, I littered, who hasn't?, and an older boy picked it up and I just wanted to say sorry 'till I die.

Now, fix this messed up world.

I'm the closest thing you'll find to a talking germ

I want a chyaku norisu scarf

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Sir Shirkin
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comment Commented on: Thu Mar 20, 2008 @ 06:55pm
So true.

You see it everywhere. There are very few helping, yet it must change.
Canada is pretty much the same.

People should start soon at least try.

To save this world.

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