"What Am I?... You Tell Me."

.:I Wear Mini Skirts And Some Skimpy Shirts... So I Guess I'm A Tramp:.
.:I Like To Dance, And Shake My a** Like Every Other Girl... So I Guess I'm A Hoe:.
.:I Talk Sh*t Like Everyone Else... So I Guess I'm A B*tch:.
.:I've Said What Was On My Mind, When It Was On My Mind... So I Guess I'm Ignorant:.
.:I Like To Get My Nails Done... So I Guess I'm High Maintenance:.
.:I've Been Stabbed 1000 Times At A Minimum...So I Guess I'm A Drama Queen:.
.:I've Looked In The Mirror And Actually Thought I Was Beautiful... So I Guess I'm Conceited:.
.:I Like To Get drunk With My Girls... So I Guess I'm An Alcoholic:.
.:I've Talked To Someone’s Boyfriend... So I Guess I'm A Slut:.

.:So Throw Me A LABLE, You’ll Do It Anyway...

.... LoveEachDay ....