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Alucard's Thought Corner
Where every one of my friends can see what currently going on in my life.
Me and Twist talk about politics......sorta
this is me and twist talking about politics gamer and geek style!!!

Twist: Neji teh 1337

Alucard(me): Xx5Naruto5xX

Neji teh 1337: :cries over president:
Xx5Naruto5xX: i know!!!!!!!
Xx5Naruto5xX: i wanted John Kerry to win
Neji teh 1337: nader
Neji teh 1337: <<
Neji teh 1337: >>
Xx5Naruto5xX: lol
Xx5Naruto5xX: u know what i think
Xx5Naruto5xX: i think Nader is really Vader in disguise to take over the US to give in to the dark side and then he would take over the whole world and then the whole universe
Neji teh 1337: ><><><><
Neji teh 1337: but he's so much better than kerry and bush!
Xx5Naruto5xX: i know cuz he is really Vader!!!
Xx5Naruto5xX: Vader is bad a** and he should have won
Neji teh 1337: XP
Neji teh 1337: yes
Neji teh 1337: he should have
Neji teh 1337: he probably is illegal 'cause he like.. chopped off his son's hand or something
Xx5Naruto5xX: really?
Neji teh 1337: no
Neji teh 1337: XP
Neji teh 1337: i was making a star wars reference.
Xx5Naruto5xX: lol
Xx5Naruto5xX: but it doesnt matter cuz he was under the influence
Neji teh 1337: ><
Xx5Naruto5xX: oof dark sideness
Neji teh 1337: XD
Xx5Naruto5xX: oh ya

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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 08, 2004 @ 11:21pm

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