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LegAL_DRUG's [f]uk I Hate The World Journal
This is so i can go on and on bout the world an stuff ^^
This is the story im writting for my friend Kimmy. It has not title yet and i'm open to any suggestions. i cant giva a summery cause i'm not really sure what she wants for that (or the story). Theres gonna be some slight yaoi/shounen ai but its mostly het and i dont write much of that. ^^ Hope you like. heart

Kataleena unlaced her corset letting it fall to the floor, sliding out of her dress she ran to her wardrobe giggling, “What should I wear Karon?” she asked glancing at the male servant sitting on her bed obviously admiring her bare uppers(her boobs). The man was quite handsome in many ways. As a half elf he could have been called ‘pretty’ his long silky brown hair was pulled into a high pony tail. His ears were slightly pointed like any elves. The only human features he had was his small brown goatee on his chin.

“Something simple, yet elegant,” he said nodding his head, “something that will show off those plump beautiful breasts of yours.”

Kataleena smirked, “If my father hears you speak like that you’ll be hung.”

"If he knew you pranced around naked in front me, id still be hung, now get dressed, ill meet you downstairs.” Karon said standing and leaving the room.

Kataleena smiled and pulled out a ruby dress with light golden embroidery and a matching corset. It had taken her months to convince the elder half elf to sneak her out and take her into the city for a little fun. Releasing her hair from its porcelain clip and put on the dress. Walking to the vanity she put on a pair of black peasant boots. Studying herself in the mirror she ran her brush through her golden blond hair a few times before standing.


Kataleena handed Karon her over coat, “Go have fun, get drunk, get laid, what ever it is you guys do.” She said smiling at him.

Karon nodded, “I’ll be watching you,” he said before heading to the bar.

Kataleena smiled walked farther into the large room. The girls she pasted turned to look at her, studying her head to toe. Two guys appeared beside her, the tallest was at least 5’7” with short shiny black hair and bright green eyes. The other was a red head with pale freckles on his nose, but he was handsome none the less. “Good evening gentlemen.”

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here alone?” the black hair boy asked smiling at her.

“Looking for a little fun.” Kataleena said smiling back at him.

The black haired boy placed a hand on her hip giving her his drink, “I’m Amiel, that’s Jack.” He said motioning to the red head.

“I’m Leena, it’s a pleasure to meet you… both of you.” She said taking a sip of the given drink and glancing to where Karon sat watching her.

“How bout a dance.” Jack said resting his head on Amiel’s shoulder.

“Alright,” Kataleena said taking both of there hands and letting them take her deeper into the crowed.

An hour later Karon downed the last of this tenth drink and scanned the room, “Kataleena?” standing he walked farther into the room look at each blond he passed, “damn it where the ******** did she go?”

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