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What are you people arguing about, now?

Kingdom Hearts 3 -is- out in Japan.

The plot revolves around ANOTHER new type of enemy, called the EVERYTHINGS. That, and Axel and Roxas are both in the game, through a strange reaction between Sora and Kairi's hearts that occured during their time after Organization XIII was defeated.

The game, which is on the PS3, makes use of the six-axis controller by allowing you to control one of six different characters, simultaneously, depending on how the controller is tilted/angled. You can control Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Axel, and Vexen.

Yes. Vexen. Vexen is back, and he's also a girl armed with a battle axe of ice, this time around.

The FFVII cast makes -another- return in KH3, in the form of a super hidden boss: Sephincloudent, who turns out to be some horrible amalgamation of Sephiroth, Vincent, and Cloud that was created from all of them teleporting from world-to-world in the game too often. Sephincloudent also has three heads and six arms, much like (or as a throwback to?) Gilgamesh. : |

Also, Nomura is the final boss of the game.

In fact, Nomura is the man behind the group of villains in Kingdom Hearts 3. The group of villains is made up entirely of literal Gackt clones, each in a unique outfit Nomura designed by himself. >_>

Pulled from a reply I made to a Kingdom Hearts 3 topic in the Videogame forum.

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