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A Vampires thought
just my thoughts..thats all nothing more than that
New York Vampire
A woman was walking in the streets of New York City. Of course they were alot of people. People singin on the street, breakdancers, prostitutes, and much more. Aaron herself, well, she was a fantasy writer, that wrote storys that weren't even published yet. She kept the books to herself and her manager, but besides that she worked at a resturant as a cook. It sucked, but at least she found new reipes to add to her dinner list. Age twenty-four and has never dated a guy, never had sex. And she liked it that way. She was bisexual and what most guys said "adroable." Being ursed with a sweet innocent baby-face, Aaron loved to get into a lot of trouble.
Going into a alley way for a short cut to her loft she came to realize three uys stalking her. Great! Stalkers! Just stay calm.
Calm my a**. The last stalker tried to rape me.
Oh, shut up slef. I need to stay calm and focused. There she went again, her concious fighting. Aaron went to to turn out of the alley way when one of the guys was infront of her. What the hell?
"You're not planning to go anwhere are you sweeting?"
"Yeah i am. Now exuse me." Aaron tried to get past him, but he grabbed by her shoulders and slammed her against the wall. Damn, the guy had no problem even picking her up. The man had blonde shoulder lentgh hair with red eyes. His black clothing was the other thing that was starting to scare her. She was othic but the ude was like a biker, and she hated bikers. They scared her...a lot. "Get your hands off me!"
"Why so you can run?"
Damn straight. run far away. To her oft and lock the doors, never comming out again. Crawl back into the shadows of her daily life. The mans left hand left her right shoulder to tail down to her breats. Aaron grabbed at his hand and bit him. Her canines were larger than normal. Her "vampire" hunting sister had almost staked her one time. "Let go of me!"
"Aw. You scared human?" One of the men stepped out of the shadows. His hair was jet black, with the same red eyes. Lusting from something...her. Aaron swallowed as the man approached her. The shadows disappearing, he appeared to be wearing a black short sleev t-shirt with a saying "I See Dead People." and black jeans. the other man looked the smae, twins she suposed. He was dressed in a biker jacket that had a heartagram on one side of the zipper. His leather pants. Damn they were all handsome, only if they weren't attacking her she would try and be friendly.
"do you guys ever stop hunting? Damn, i can't even rest without you dim-wits biting and ripping out some's throat." Aaro looked to her side to see another man in the shadows. His shoulder length black hair glimmered in the moonlight. He was wearing leather pants with some nice a** biker boots. His biker jacket open, showing his nice lean mucsles. She didn't pay much attenton to his tatto since a man she doesn't even know was groping her.
"Why do you have interupt us when we're trying to eat, Hunter?"
"I have to rescue the damsle in distress of course."
"don't be smart-a**. It'll just get you killed." The man let go of her and walked towards the so called "hunter." Aaron slipped into the shadows to take her leave before the vampires remembered her. The bonde vampire striked the hunter, hissing and stumbling to the ground. The twins just stayed there, watching the blonde embaress himself.
"wow. You sure do suck at fighting." The hunter waved his hand and the blonde went flying. Flying! Damn, who the hell could do that. She was witch but damn, she never knew people actually had powers like that. Then again. You see all kinds of crap in New York. Watching as the twins striked and fought with hunter she walked deeper nto the shadow. the twin in jeans pulled out a dagger, threw it at the hunter only ot have it returned to him in the shoulder. "Oops."
He was enjoying this. Watching the vampires embarss themselves. It pleased him to see how they tried to fight him, or just ran away from him. He looked to his side to see the woman. She seemed to be wearing a black sweater with a heartagram on it with matching silver earings, her cargo pants had chains and the color of the pockets were dark red. Her hair was black hair with the tipe of it being dark red. She stood in the shadows yet he could still see her. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with with anything but fear. what was happening right now didn't seem to phase her at all, and thats what caught his attention.

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