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Fantasy, art, and tales
Rewrite of The Endless
Chapter 1

Our world consists of many people which used to live together in harmony. Over the past few years that bond shattered as the people fought for freedom and their home. This endless fighting continued until no one knew why they were fighting anymore.

Even now, this war fare brews all around our world of demons, humans, elven, dragon, and other races.

My name is Cleon of the demon clan, I used to live in a small village call Brieum. The most clothing I wear is baggy tan pants and my long hair is a raven color. My eyes are pale blue and I have black feathered wings.

Brieum was peaceful and one of the few places that were not tainted by war fare.
Well, it was until a group of outsiders came into our home and demolished it.

Only one reason stood among the destruction and that was, no one wanted all races to live together. They believed that living among all species will bring chaos into the world.

If they only knew that the source of all darkness came from them alone.

That image of Brieum being burned to the ground still haunts me. But, maybe it was fate for this to happen. Perhaps I was suppose to be in the Underground were demons, dragons, and guardians roam. Demons of all sizes; some look like they were breaded with animals and some look like they breaded with the dragon kind. Guardians that are almost half the size of a full grown dragon. In other words you'd call them Gargoyles.

The Underground city is very lively with crowds of people wondering the tunnels. It is also true to its name. The Underground is truly beneath the Earth's crust with endless caves that lead to rooms large enough to fit anyone inside. Our main entrance is a hidden water fall and outside, well who can say? Not many people leave the Underground because of fear. Fear of being caught by crude people.

These crude people we demons fear are the human and elven race. They snatch up our own kind to be tested by scientists, to be slaves, or for fighting purposes. If anyone wished to leave then they would need to hide their appearance by using a cloak or any other cloth.

It is possible to hide our appearance with magic by changing into someone or something else. Magic or Sorcery is not a option though, the races have adapted in intelligence and now even a small hint of magic can be detected with a certain material called Orihalcon.

I was taken to this Underground city at a young age by a guardian named Klide and he took care of me until I was old enough to become a traveler or underling for someone else. My assigned leader was Shax, his yellow eyes would follow me everywhere and he used to think of me as nothing but a idiot. It was mainly from my clumsiness.

He normally didn't wear a shirt, but he wore black pants which didn't really match his features, in my opinion. His hair was light blue and bandages covered his chest. Shax would often show off his fangs when he's upset or anxious about something.

Almost always, he keeps a small companion around his neck, that companion was Dray. Dray was a cobra that talked mainly to Shax and no one else. Dray used to only speak to me when telling me orders from Shax.

The three of us wonder around the outside walls of the Underground. We search for human souls; it's the very reason why humans attack us. Human kind fear us just as we fear them. They attack us and we attack back. It's constant through out the world.

"We need these souls to revive our demon lord," Shax would reply. However, I never truly understood why these souls took part in the resurrection of the demon lord.

I've always wondered if the demon lord was a hoax. A lie that was told to scare our enemies, the human and elven.

I must stop for right now, but I'll continue this later.
Could you tell me which version you like best?

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