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Stories, myths, and uknown realities
In this journal I will talk about stories I make up when I'm bored, myths, and facts that I know that most people don't for they are confidential.
Stories: The first adventure
Okay this is not made up it has to do with 'The Forbidden Handles'. Okay it started when my sector found the first 'Forbidden Handle'. It was about 40 years ago the data is all screwy so we can estimate about 40-50 years. I don't know for sure since I'm only 14 (youngest person there). Eventually after the finding we decided to look for more but alas no luck. 10 years later they decided again to try to find the rest and had found 1 more 'Forbidden Handle'. Around the area where they found the second handle they found an incryption on a canyon wall in ancient chinese or something saying, "Beware of the dragon arc." That is when they figured where the rest of the handles were. Sadly they did not find the 'Dragon Arc anywhere in that vacinity instead it was behind Angel Falls and on the wall's side was written in five languages including chinese, japanese, arabic, dutch, and french. Or so that is what the file says. The incryption mentioned that anybody who entered must leave before midnight other wise they will die but ignoring the orders and going on in and finding all the 'Forbidden Handles' and took a few for keeps sakes. Soon enough it was midnight and we recovered eight handles. Well like I said it was soon midnight and three of the scientists were still inside of the cave and we soon found out that there were seals on the bottom of the cave's floor. When they found the seals the seals started glowing mysteriously and to their dismay the three scientists were burned alive in a painful death. After that the statues of the dragon's eyes started glowing an eerie red glow and there was a bright light when the light dissapated the remaining scientists could no longer see the cave for it was gone but the handles remained in their hands. We still have all 10 handles and some of the scientists in my sector can summon the blades and staffs including me. The magic in the weapons however does not work for none of us know how to use the magic except the basic magic. It depends on the person in which basic magic they can do. I myself do not know how to do the magic but I do exceed most of the scientists in the fighting using the weapons. We are extremely careful about who uses these weapons for we are afraid of our scientists going mad with power.

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The ultimate necro/pyromancer.

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Symphony Orchestra
Community Member

Thu May 22, 2008 @ 01:20am

surprised More, More!

Community Member

Fri Jun 06, 2008 @ 02:07am

wow! dat's gewd! I Have the first part of my story in my journal...i can give ya my email address if ya want the rest of it.

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