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i KNow i'M iNSaNe, wHaT aBouT You?
My 1st Day Ever
Yowza! This is the awesomest, weirdest day I've had since the school hols began like... four days ago? I dunno. (23rd May--my birthday! mrgreen ) well anywayz, my friend aimichan94 dragged me into the world of online virtual life (or whatever people call it) and I feel like... I have no idea how I feel like. For some reason, I spent 120Gs on a toothbrush I will never use and another 500Gs on that freakin' trading pass... thingy of which I'm not sure I will ever use (okay fine, maybe I will. And at least I sold that friggin' toothbrush back.). And the creepiest and saddest thing? For the first time in my life, I got attracted by a dress. eek Yes, you heard me. A DRESS! Sure, it was black, but it was a DRESS nonetheless! [your gasp enters here] I have never EVER been attracted by a dress! (unless its one that I'm sure I won't ever have to wear and is on someone else. In that case, I'm fine.) And guess what? It cost like... 18000Gs? Yippee~ thank goodness I'm broke. I might have actually bought it. rolleyes I wanted to play that fishing game thingy, cuz Liam wanted advice on girls and that old guy (forgot his name) says I need a Blue Bass, but problem is, everytime I try to load that game, it's stuck! crying and things aren't actually looking up for me too much. Went to some random place in town and tried to talk to a few people (not something I'll actually do in real life) but apparently, I'm not dressed gothic or vavavoom enough for their liking and they just turn away like I'm a tree or something. sad then, I came across these two girls/women (age unknown, durh. but by the language they were using, I doubt they were THAT young stare ) arguing, and for some reason, I found myself backing one of them up. I dunno, wasn't really helping the sitch. One of them left, and then the other started arguing with someone else, just when I was about to apologize, but I said it anyway and guess what? She didn't even know I said anything bad. (well sorta, I was just stating weird facts... I'm totally useless at things like this. I'm too sarcastic to actually back anyone up. I was actually going against both of them.) I chatted with her a bit (she's got a nice outfit! I have to get a better one soon, too...), but I had to leave. (I should totally be asleep right now, cuz its 1.45 in the morning... my mom will kill me if she finds out. But I gotta finish writing this! It'll be a total waste if I don't!) xp I'll come back tomorrow and maybe make myself a few more bucks. Well, I guess that'll be it for now. Ja ne! biggrin

Devil Cat0711
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Devil Cat0711
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  • [05/27/08 06:49pm]
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