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My Sanctuary
This is my RPC, I got it especially made for me, I had a really good friend of mine do it, so it is meant for me and only me, it is copyrighted and everything so you cannot steal it or call it yours without the permission of the artist.

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Age: 21
Height:6ft 3
Build: Muscular, but not overly So.
Hair:long silvery hair with golden streaks
Eyes:a golden amber brown
Appearance: like in the reference picture except on his feet he has black combat boots and a long silver sword at his side with an Amber jewel embedded in the sword.
Markings: He has a star on his forehead, stripes on his wrists, and cheeks.
Personality: Xavier is rather more quite more stoic , a regal bieng that thinks very highly of himself. He doesn't like people to waste his time and would mostly likely want to kill the person rather than deal with them.
Reference Pics:

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Name: Loramendi [lor-ah-mehn-dee]
Meaning:Mountain Flower "Lora": "Flower" + "Mendi": "Mountain."
Age: 20
Height: 5'4
Weight:120 lbs
Build: well proportioned,curvy with slight muscles.
Complexion: fair
Personality: A distinguished character, she is a stubborn independent being who in the begging is very hard to get to know, but once she trusts you, can be very caring and open.
Distinguished markings: blue stripes on cheeks,hips/waist and wrists (2 on each side), silver/blue-ish cresent shaped moon on forehead
Eyes: Eye Ref
Horns: sliver, with jewels hanging from them, this shape, but much smaller X
Hair: Long in length (hafl-way down her back), black with side bangs, heavily layered, also blue and purple-ish streaks (like the eyes)
References: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Outfit References: [X] (Sometimes without leggings and arm warmers)

Other Details:
-- silver band with celtic design worn on the head, some blue stones in it. Crown Ref
-- silver armor on both upper arms (both bottom and top pieces) Bracelet Ref
-- 2 large white angelic wings
-- darker blue dragon scales on random parts of the body (suggestions: arms,neck, legs) Scale Ref
-- white flower by ear or somewhere in her hairFlower Ref
-- seashell & pearl necklaces on brown string. seashell necklace longer. Necklace ref
-- pearl anklet on right foot (see necklace ref)
-- 7 silver very thin bracelets on left ankle. (again, see necklace ref)

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Name: Vivian
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Weight:125 lbs
Eyes: Warm golden Brown, with a slight orange-red tint.
Build: Curvy, Slight frame
Complexion: Pale with Rosy Cheeks
Personality: A soft tender compassionate person, Vivian is a trusting and loving person, although her innocence and nativity might occasional get her in trouble.
Distinguished markings: Beauty mark on left cheek. Beading/Stone pattern all across body (provided in Reference)
Other: Hair, Colors, Out and Such are provided HERE

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