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What I Have Written...
This journal is just something for the users of gaia to read, laugh (at or with), and enjoy.
Nine Lives-

-Sylvester a home cat always wandered what it felt like to be outdoors. His paws never touched the hard rock ground. His nose never smelt the sweet grassy nature. Always looking out at the beautiful sight,and cats roam around.
-One very special cat named Zoey was always playing around with the other male cats. the cat she teased most of all was Sylvester.
-Everyday Sylvester slept on his large emerald bed dreaming of Zoey and outdoors. Waking up and thinking of a plan to feel the steamy hot cement on his silky tiny paws.
-An amazing day Sylvester was daydreaming and it hit him like a dart. He was going to get out when his owner's were going to the market in two hours.
-When everybody was getting ready to leave, Sylvester went into escape mode. He was on the table ready to jump out and have the best time of his life.
-The owners left and Sylvester made it out successfully. Sylvester also found Zoey by the pitch black alley.
-Once Sylvester saw her his whiskers all the way down to the ground. He pounced all the way to his love and introduced himself, as charming as he possbly could.
-"Come with me I'll show you around"Zoey meowed to Sylvester.
-Sylvester replied"Thanks I really need the help."
-Sylvester followed Zoey everywhere and listened to everything she said. wehen they were crossing "EastCreek Boulevard" something tragic super tragic happened.
-"Sylvester!" screamed Zoey at the top of her lungs. She laid down next to him and suddenly Sylvester's head popped up.
-"They dont say cats have nine lives for nothing."Sylvester said in a little bit of pain.He stood up and asked "Don't we have more to see"
-"Yes" Zoey said relieved "I cant believe you're still alive."
-"Me either I was as surprised as you are." Sylvester said excitedly "So whats over here?"
-"Over here, oh this is where the all cats come to play."
-"Oh do you know any of them?" Sylvester asked
-"Any, I know all." Zoey replied.
-"Well," Sylvester said" Can you introduce me, I only have eight more lives."
-"Sure,this is Sally,Billy,Dave, and Tiffany.
-"Thanks!" Sylvester said happily.
*A church bell rang*
-"Oh no I have to go, I'm so sorry"
-"Why do you have to go?" Sally asked"You just got here."
-"The owners will be back any minute," Sylvester said worried.
-He pranced all the way back to his home looked at the driveway,which was as hot as an oven. The owners weren't home yet, he still had time.Sylvester hid by the statue of a cat that looked like Garfield. The owners came back after about two minutes,and didn't even notice Sylvester by Garfield. Sylvester made it in successfully,wish he hadn't though.
"I wish i could go back with Zoey and her friends"

-Zoey and Sylvester are real cats who live together but they sometime go outside and dont want to come back in.

Crazy Polka Dots
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Crazy Polka Dots
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