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RP settings ((commenting is loved))
The land of Rathisha
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The story is a god named Raliz made this world for humans and demons alike. But when the humans started a war with the demons Raliz got angry and killed almost everyone. No one one the war, so the humans and demons decided to devide the land. Now only a hand full of demons survive while humans have multiplied more. There are four demons that control all others. All other demons are mostly rogues, thieves, slaves or workers for the humans. There isn't just four demons left in the world of Nanith. Nanith is the planet itself. There are other demons around 204 but 3000 humans.The remaining demons made four towns, while the remaining humans created one large city. The god Raliz gave each town and city an elemet for protection.

There are five towns in the land of Rathisha. Four belong to the small tribes of demons. Each demon town was given an element to be protected by from Raliz the god himself. The first and main demonic town is called Nanka, this town is protected by darkness. The forests around Nanka are so thick that light rarely penetrates the leaves of the canopy, many people venture from the path that goes to the town of Nanka, few ever get back out. The people of Nanka are said to be cold and heartless because of their surroundings it is possible the demon people are what the saying says. The second demons town is called Rizi, this town is protected by the element of wind. This town is found in the fields where the wind is the strongest, the land around this town is lush with soft grass and clear rivers. The people of Rizi are said to be nice and welcoming people. The third town is called Morta, this town is protected by the element of water. This town is found on a small island, the lands are of pine trees and clean air, mist rises every morning and night. The people of Morta are said to be a bit creepy, because of the mist Morta has bin given the nickname Ghost in the mist. Now the last town of the demons is called Kitan, this land is protected by the element fire. The land around this town is mainly desserts small rivers, hot springs, and small volcanic activities. The people of Kitan are said to be kind but short tempered. The only human town is actually a city called Razi. Because there are more humans thin demons now, the town became a city as the population grew. The city was given one small thing of protection from Raliz, and that was the earth element. These protecting elements do not activate unless the Lord of the town or city chooses to activate it. The land around this city is bland, normal trees, lakes, and the air is heavy with the stench of humans.

There is more thin just towns and cities in this land. There is a city called The Forgotten City Manush. This city was made when demons and humans lived in peace together. But the city crumbles and its crystal walls and gold treasures are forever hidden. The city is covered in the stench of death for it was where the battle of demons and humans had clashed. Human bones lay on the ground rotting as the bones of demons wander the streets protecting the treasures hidden within. Historic weapons rust and lay on the grounds of the stained brown crimson stones of the city. At day the city is a horrifying sight. But lay at night the crystal shines with the aurora, that shines in the sky of Rathisha. It glows as if the city was where the gods ones lived. Manush was ones a proud city but now it las forgotten.

The other thing is the land of Rathisha is the Temple of Raliz. This is a tall white tower with a glowing orb that changes colors slowly as the day progresses. The Temple is the only way humans, and demons can have a full connection to the after life. People go there and use shards called Ramishi, These shards prohibit them to speak to any spirit in the soul realm. Only the Lords of the City and towns are able to use the shards called Manitashi to contact the god Raliz himself. They may ask any question, but they resive a riddle as an answer fr gods are not aloud to give straight answers. And this tower helps humans and demons calm them selfs about ones death. They had feared death would be lonly but Raliz the god made this tower so the after life was shown as a welcoming place. Good souls of demons or humans where aloud cammunication with the living but if the soul was corrupted it was locked away in the darkest part of Hevishi, the after live, where it would slowly faid into nothing and vanish from existance.

The Lord of the humans and the four Lords of the demons made three laws for the peace between races. The laws made few demons and even humans to protest but ones they got used to the laws they lived with them. The three laws where called Domishita, for Laws Of The Gods.

Law one:: No demon is aloud in the city Nari, unless they are a slave, or a demon Lord.

Law two:: Humans are not aloud to communicate with any sort of demon, half breed or full.

Law three:: No human nor demon is aloud near of close to the Forgeten City, If found the penalty is death.

Kiome_wolf_goddess RP
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Kiome_wolf_goddess RP
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    Sun Jul 27, 2008 @ 08:30pm

    nice setting o.o

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