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My Journal.
I am witing a book. read the first two chapters
Your Typical Not a Fairy Tale
By, Your average reader
Chapter one
This is your typical fairy tail that is neither fairy nor' tale. In this story you should know that not even I know if there will be a happy ever after at the end of this story. That is why it is a promise, if you skip to the back of this book you will only become confused. So to those skimmers like my self be aware that this is not a skim’ able book. This story was written in perspective of a person who knew her surroundings so as you read this story put your self in my shoes. The common reader takes a week to read a novel that is if they don't read it every second. You don't want to put this back on the shelf. I know because after seconds of writing it I did not seem to ever want to stop. So trust me an average reader like yourself who wants to see if this is just a another story with the people saying guess what I am happily ever after. You must trust me as I trust you. My trust in you that you won’t put my book down and your trust in me that I will not make you want to put my book down. So you know this is your customary not a fairy tale.

Once upon another day Reni thought knowing her friend Jess was thinking the same thing it was understandable they were both 15. She hit her alarm clock sending it of her side table. She figured she had to get out of bed some time. Opening her closet she picked out a teal tank top it was one of her favourite colors. She then picked out some blue jeans from her dresser and went into her bathroom. She thought that she should eat first so she folded her clothing neatly and placed them on the counter. She wondered down the stairs wondering if she was the first awake. She looked but didn’t see anything or anyone. She walked over to the fridge. There was a note, “We had to go shopping your alarm went of at seven. We pushed snooze for a couple hours because you looked like you needed the sleep. Love your family.” She screamed and ran back up stairs. She quickly brushed her hair and teeth. She hated her family right know. They just had to let me sleep in she thought and then threw her cloths on and put her blonde hair in a clipped bun. She looked at the clock nine a.m. I might be able to catch him she said and ran out side.

There he was a young boy on a curb who looked like he had been crying. Brown hair, silver eyes just like her own, tall, Wearing a black shirt with flames on the arms under a white T, and his usual black jeans. She snuck behind him and apologized and told him what happened. When she was done she asked if he would forgive her. She knew he would he always does even though she does not know why. He just looked at her and smiled now he looked as if he was a five year old who had just found a lady bug on a flower. “Welp Reni,” Jess said, “I guess I have to get going.” She pulls down the under half of her eye and stuck out her tongue. “Come on I just got here,” she said and laughed. “You know that I have to get home before my mom get suspicious and what about your parents?,” Jess said. “Lucky me they are out for the day,” She said grinning. “Can’t you just tell your mom you are going to hang with the guys?” “See Reni, that’s the difference in you and me. Your good at lying. But ya I can try. I swear I will be right back.” He walked away.

Reni knew Jess lived near so she expected him to be back real soon. He never came. She decided what was the worst thing that would happen if she went to his house to find him so she ran over. There it was his big white house it had to be twice the size of hers. She looked in the window though she wished she had not because when she looked in this window she saw him trying to tell her to get away. All she saw was him and another person. She ducked and without another thought she ran to their back door. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed two knives and hid them in her pockets. The thought rushed threw her head and that was “what the hell am I doing?” Whatever she was doing she had to do it. She walked into the room where the guy stood holding Jess hostage. When the man standing in front of Jess looked back at her he got ready to catch her. Before he could get close enough to even touch the man who was standing in her front direction, she grabbed the knives in her pocket and jumped over him. The man fell to the ground. Jess looked at her, “How did you? Why did you? You could not just go get help?” He realized he was yelling at her but before he could apologize she was gone. “I should not have yelled. She did not have to run of though,” Jess frowned and dialled 911. “Yes hello. Um this guy came in to my house and my friend I don’t know jumped over him. She was holding knives she just ran out. This guy is now on my floor bleeding but I’m fine. I need to get help for this guy.”

Reni stared at her roof while lying in her bed. She thought about what she did and how she hated fighting. Then she heard a knock on the door of her house. She did not want to open the door she looked out side it was a set of cops. Know she knew she had to open it. She walked down stairs and opened the door. They asked if they could come in and talk to her. They asked her a bunch of questions like what she had did. Why she didn’t call the police and blah blah. “I told you I do not know. It just happened!” Reni said in tears. They asked her where her parents were. “They had to go shopping here is the number. One of the cops walked in to the kitchen and called them. Reni’s parents were home in a flash. They kept asking why she was with Jess in the first place and why I did not call the police. She kept thinking of how no one had asked if she was ok. “I told you once I will tell you again. Just because your against his family in business does not mean I shouldn’t be aloud to be his friend,” Reni said yelling. The police went into the kitchen. She heard her parents crying.

The police people as she called them came and told Reni to stand up. “Am I in trouble,” She asked. “No or at least not yet,” the police officer replied. “Please little miss Reni fallow me. She fallowed him to a cop car and she saw Jess in the back seat. By now she and Jess were in tears. Reni’s parents hugged her and said see you soon we hope. Reni got into the car and hugged Jess. They both said at the same time what is going to happen to us. Jess looked at Reni, “Whatever happens to us does not matter if we go threw it together. Oh ya, I did not get to say sorry and thank-you.” Reni looked at him and learned on him, “I understand it was the fact I scared myself that I ran out not because you yelled at me so it is cool and your welcome.” The cop got in the car. Reni looked back as her parents got smaller and smaller. She laid down and put her head on his lap. They both fell asleep in tears. When Reni and jess woke up they were almost in a drive way that looked like it was under ground. “Now,” said the cop, “I told you, you weren’t in trouble yet the people here will tell you what I meant. Now hold on.”

He stepped out and opened their doors. Reni and Jess both stretched their arms when they got out of the car but they ended up hitting each other in the face they laughed. They remembered what happened and became quiet again. A man in a black outfit appeared. He looked at Reni and then at Jess. “Are these them,” The man asked. Reni almost recognized his voice but could not think of who it was. “Yep, I hope you can make sense of their adversities,” The cop answered. Reni looked at him. The man looked and gave them some water. “You two must be parched,” the man said. The cop said good-bye and told them to have a drink. As they watched him drive away they shared the water. “Hey, Jess do you feel tired,” Rein asked. Before Jess could answer both of them fell to the ground. The man started to walk away and pointed behind him at the two of them. Then two men picked them up and brought them to a giant room with a huge table of food.

The two woke up and Reni instantly freaked. Reni said, “Who are you what do you want with us?” “I simply want to see if you two are who I think you might be,” The man replied. Then he pushed a button on the table and two knives shot through the walls straight for Reni. She jumped up and grabbed the knives. “Are you trying to kill me or something?,” Reni said. “No I am just testing you,” Said the man, “You may remember me I called your house a year ago asking what you think of training to fight.” “Now I remember you,” Reni said. Jess looked shocked and said, “Well why don’t you just tell us why we are here.” “Well ok guess I can do that. You see that man who was in your house was hired to kill both of you. Or more likely some one who looks like you. See yes you parents are both against each other but that’s not completely true you see they are both in a different group of assassins hired to kill each of each others kids. The thing is the people your living with are not your real parents. I must tell you there is not an easy way of putting this but the lives you just had you can’t have any more. There are new teams that now know who you are and we must change you so they don’t find you.” Jess suddenly had to ask, “Are you going to make us go away from each other?” “I am afraid Jess that, that is the way it has to be,” The man said.

Jess looked at him and grabbed a knife and the next second it was beside the mans throat, “I will not allow you to take and separate us.” Jess dropped the knife, “I am so, so sorry I just I guess something came over me.” Reni ran up to him and hugged him, “It is going to be ok I promise.” The man looked at them and they both went back and sat down. “Now,” said the man “Eat, tomorrow we have things to talk about.” The two thanked him for the food and ate. They were showed to their new rooms but they decided they wanted to share. There was enough clothing for both of them there. Reni go dressed in the bathroom and Jesse in the bedroom. They fell asleep holding on to each other and wishing they would not have to leave each other. Even though Reni seemed the least upset at the fact of their soon to be separation she cried for along time after he had fallen asleep. Because the truth was it was hard enough not being with him all the time. Now she would never be with him. Reni woke up and went to wake Jess up but he wasn’t there. “Jess? Jess? Jess where are you?” She broke out crying and Jess rushed into the room, “What is wrong Reni?” “Jess I thought you left.” “I am not leaving yet Reni.” The man rushed into the room and told them to get ready for breakfast. Reni decided she should ask now, “Sir, what should we call you?” “My name dear Reni is Kaze and I hope that you will call me as so,” he replied.

After Reni and Jess got ready they fallowed Kaze to the dinning hall. It was amazing there were at least one hundred people seated to this huge table. Kaze invited Jess and Reni to sit at the head of the table with him. So they sat with him. He introduced them to the rest of the people as Kale and Shy. He told them to have to up most respect and not to bother them at all because there would be consequences. “Um Kaze who are all these kids? They look our age?” Reni asked. “That’s is because they are. They are all kids that were to be killed by hired assassins,” Kaze replied. Jess over heard and his mouth dropped in shock this many kids lost their old lives. They all looked so sad. Then a girl sitting at the back of the table smiled at him. Reni looked around the table and saw a guy her age smiling at her. Jess and Reni looked at each other with a this might not be so bad after all look. Then they both glared at the person who was looking at the opposite one of them.

Jess then heard a gun shot and Kaze stood up. “I have to go see what that was. Kale and shy please come with me.” Reni looked at Jess and at the same time thy said right away. They ran into a room that looked like a ballroom. There was a man on the floor. He looked as if he was bleeding. Jess leaned down, “He isn’t dead.” Kaze picked him up and brought him to an available room were a doctor checked over him. It was one of the students he had shot himself in the stomach. He looked at the two of them and whispered, “Get out while you can.” “Why would we need to get out we are here to stay safe,” Jess said as he looked at the boy that was lying holding his wound. “Because, this place is a training ground. Once your in there is no getting out. They train you to become great assassins and force you to kill other teams. But after you start training they will kill you so that you can not tell anyone of the training ground that is why everyone her has a fake name and why we are all the same age,” Said the boy grunting from the pain. Reni looked at him, “Is that why you shot yourself?” “You do not get it my time is up I did not shoot myself I was shot.” “All of you I need you to get out of this room so we can treat the rest of this boys wound,” Said Kaze as he rushed them out of the room.

Jess looked at Reni, “We have to get out.” “I don’t think we do Jess. Maybe we should not get out maybe we should get in.” Jess looked questionably at Reni. He knew she had a plan she always did. Jess decided to reply, “You mean to get out we must first get in?” Reni smiled figuring he had got it. They went down to the dinning hall again and stated that a man had just set of a gun by mistake and Kaze would be down momentarily. They sat in their seats and passed a note down each side of the table. The not had this simple message, “We will help you all. Pass this down the table.” By the time everyone had seen the note and it had been given back to Jess and Reni Kaze entered the room, “I tell you all that everything is fine. I am sure that Shy and Kale have told you all the situation. Please finish your meals.” Jess and Reni quickly finished their meals. “May we be excused Kaze,” They both asked.
“You may please bring your dishes to the kitchen so they can wash them,” replied Kaze. “No no allow us to wash the dishes from today’s breakfast ,” Said Jess. Kaze told them, “You may only if you wish.” They ran of and began washing dishes.

Before they were quiet ready to finish washing the dishes they snuck of into the infirmary were the boy was being kept. They told him how they were planning on saving the people here and they were starting with him. They picked him up and hid him in their room. “We will be back after we finish the dishes.” They told him and said to stay hidden. They walked down stairs and held strong until they were done the dishes. Then they ran up to their room and grabbed the boy. “Time to go.” Reni told him. They told Kaze they wanted to go for a walk outside. Kaze made them bring a body guard. They wondered outside but when they got out side Reni jumped behind the guard and pushed his pressure points and he fell to the ground. “Lets go,” said Jess rushing the boy to the gate. Reni passed him a knife that would start any car. They said their good-byes and he left he told them he would come back with help. The other two ran back to their rooms to get dressed.

Reni in a blue dress with a satin bow in her hair and around her waist. Jess in some black faded jeans with a white long sleeves and a short sleeve black shirt. His hair spiked back. They went down stairs to the ball room where there were all the people they had seen at breakfast. They all looked at them and clapped. They knew they had saved someone already. They just nodded. Then two people came up to them the girl who had smiled at Jess and the guy Reni saw. They talked asked what their real names were, where they came from, why there here, and many other little things. Reni and Jess told them everything because they seemed safe to them. Little did they know it might not be. They talked for a while longer the twelve o’clock bell rang and they went to sit at the table for lunch. Jess and Reni sat at the head of the table with Kaze. They sat quiet and did not talk to anyone during lunch. They didn’t offer to do the dishes they hardly ate. They were thinking about how to get all the people out of the people. Reni knew that someone last day would be soon.

Reni walked up to her bed she got there before Jess. She started to cry and Jess walked in the room. Reni dried her eyes and smiled at Jess. Jess could tell that she had been crying. He knew he had to ask, “Reni what is wrong?” She looked at him and broke down in tears again. “I did not want to admit it but I don’t want to be separated from you.” Reni looked at him thinking he would think she was pathetic. Jess looked at her, “Come on I won’t let that happen.” He hugged her as if he would never let her go. “Um Jess Kaze wants us to go see him.” Reni dried her eyes and stood up. They stood at the side of the bed for a second and then walked to Kaze’s office. “You wanted to see us Kaze?” Kaze looked at them and said for them to sit. Kaze looked at them, “I find it hard to tell you that the two of you that I have found a place for the two of you to go.” They looked at him and laughed. “What is so funny?” Jess looked at him, “It is simply that I can not believe you will separate us because if you do neither of us will stay where you place us long.” Kaze looked at them with a grin, “Yes, but you see we will not be moving you to a different location for a long period of time. So there is no need to worry. Now the two of you had better go wash up for dinner.”

The two of them washed up for dinner and sat on the bed and talked about how to get the people out, how to stop their separation, and why Kaze seemed nicer to them then the rest of the kids. When they looked at the clock there was about five minutes until dinner. Jess and Reni started down stairs were they ran into those two people again. “Hi Jess, Hi Reni,” Said the boy and girl. “Um hi Jules and Cam. What are you guys up to?” asked Reni. “They just said they were heading to dinner so Reni and Jess went with them. They sat at the proper seats as always and soon after Kaze joined them. He looked over the whole table angrily he said, “One of the male children of this place left after breakfast. I am sure that two people helped him. Now if you know who it was and you do not tell me right now there will dire consequences. This male was the one who shot the gun and he may be in troubled now that he is gone.” A girl stood up and yelled at Kaze, “Your wrong now that he is gone he is safe.” She sat back down quietly and started to look down in her lap. Soon everyone else had their head down. Hardly any food was eaten at this meal. Kaze had told everyone that training started tomorrow. When Kaze brought his dishes to the kitchen everyone looked at Jess and Reni. They knew they had to get the kids out but they were fifteen they did not know how to brake out.

So they walked up to their room and began thinking. They were not sure what to think about because they did not know what to do. So they fell asleep they thought that they might think of something if they had a long sleep. They set the alarm for seven so thy could get dressed before training. They were planning on skipping breakfast so they could sleep in. They woke up to the sound of their alarm clock. They got out of bed Reni threw on a white pair of sweats and grey top. Jess put on a black pair of sweats and a white shirt. They got ready for what they hoped would be an easy day. They hugged each other and sat on the edge of their bed and waited just waited for when the clock would read eight.

Chapter two

Well if it is not the readers who I told that this was going to be interesting. I have to inform you this next chapter will not be as informative as the first chapter. Neither will the rest of the chapters to come. I have given you many clues now only you can piece together this puzzle. The many little things and big things you have read in the first chapter may be straight through but they may just miss lead you. The amount of readers this book receives is one less then who will be confused by this book. I say this because even though I have only written one chapter I am confused about what the ending will be. As you make sense of this story you should note that in this puzzle pieces are missing and pieces are of different puzzles keep that in mind as you continue threw the next few chapters.

Eight o’clock the dreaded eight o’clock the time that the training would start. What kind of training might you ask? It is the most dreaded kind the kind that you do not know what the training is. “Well we had better head down to the ball room,” Said Jess with a scared look on his face. The two of them stood up and hand in hand the walked to the room that might decide their fate of how long they have to get everyone out. They met with Jules and Cam in the hallway and continued walking with them. It was time they had all gathered in the ball room. Kaze walked in the room and pushed a button on the wall. The entire room became what seemed like a giant class room. They all sat in desks at the back of the room. The four of them sat together and watched as Kaze explained the lesson. They had to learn about all the teams of assassins. They caught on in seconds. The boy was right about the fact this was a team of assassins. Jess and Reni just could not figure out why they were there.

The class of the teams of assassins ended and it was time fore their gym class. “This is just like regular school with classes and periods.” Stated Jess as he walked into the giant gym. It was amazing. A giant climbing wall, everything you would see in a gymnastics course, A swing rope, climbing rope, and an obstacle course. They had never seen anything like it. Everyone was timed as they went threw the entire gymnasium. One of the slowest times so far was one and a half hours. Finally it was Jess’s and Reni’s turn. They were really excited they wanted to finish the court with the exact same time. So they ran it as fast as they both could threw the course. They finished it with bonuses because they did extra and they finished first. It took them a total of twenty minutes. They finished at exactly the same time. Everyone clapped for them and
Kaze congratulated them, “You both finished the course faster then anyone ever has.” They looked at each other and smiled. Then suddenly they clicked back to their senses, “Kaze, What just happened?” They asked him with a stunned look on their faces.

They went and got some water they were really tired but they did not remember why. “I think we did the course.” said Jess grunting as he drank some water. “Probably.” said Reni in as bad of shape as Jess. They walked back into the gymnasium and looked at everyone in it. They were staring at them just pondering what happened. Reni got defensive in seconds, “What are you all staring at? Did we grow a second head or something?” They just kept looking at them and no one said anything. Jess looked at Reni he knew she would do something stupid any second now. “Um Reni do not worry about them. They just wonder about how come we are tired I bet.” Jess said with a smile trying to calm her down. She stopped and went and stood behind Jess.

Kaze walked over to them and stopped his foot. The entire room went on lock down. Windows and doors closed and locked. There was no way out. Jess and Reni got ready to fight. It was like a person taking over them that was a trained fighter. “Kaze what is going on?” Reni asked as she looked frightened. The rooms walls turned around and became steel. They would never get out of this room. “There are invaders in the building. I do not know who they are after but they are strong and two of you are their targets.” Said Kaze as he continued putting the room on lock down. Reni looked and said, “Who is going to get them out if we are all here?” Kaze said that they would leave soon. “Ya right.” Said Jess and Reni, “Let us out. We got rid of them once we can do it again.” “Are you guys sure?” Kaze asked and got ready to let them out. “Of course. Besides it is probably us they are after.” They said with a smirk and then left the room.

Reni snuck of into the kitchen and borrowed two knives from the chefs. Jess grabbed a broom from the closet. They met outside of the gym and waited for the invaders. “This is kind of stupid of us huh?” Reni said looking down at the knives. “Yep!” Said Jess. Two people ran up to them and told them, “Wow thank-you. You made it easy for us.” “Do not be so sure.” Reni said throwing the knife into his stomach. As it hit, it just bounced right off. “That can not be true.” Reni said. The man threw a needle straight for the two of them but he missed. “It is a led vest your knives can’t brake it.” Said the man. Jess looked and jumped hitting both of the men in the head at the same time with the broom. He tied them up and threw them in the corner. He knocked on the door and Kaze opened. Reni and Jess brought them into the room so that they could ask them some questions.

They found out what team they were sent by and who they were after and many other things. Soon they knew everything they needed to send police to the attackers base. They closed down the base but by the time they had got there not many members of the team were there. Everyone was happy that Jess and Reni were okay and the fact that they helped all the students again. When all of this was trough it was time to get ready for dinner. All of the children walked up to the rooms to change. As Jess and Reni were about to walk into the room a girl ran up to them. She had thick rimed glasses, a plaid skirt, a white long sleeve, and a blue tie that matched a few stripes of her skirt. She passed them a note from a book she was caring, “Please do not open this until after dinner s if you were caught with what it says it might bring adversities.” Reni took the note and placed it in her bag. “How can we get a hold of you?” Jess asked. The girl just pointed to the note and smiled. Then the two of them nodded and entered their room.

Reni hid the note in her top shelf in the closet. She picked out her clothing. She decided to wear something more simple then what she had picked out for lunch the day before. She grabbed a black tank and blue jeans. She put her hair in a clip and put on a head band. Jess wore the same thing kind of thing a always black jeans and a black zipper hooded sweater. Jess and Reni went to meet Jules and Cam but they never showed. “Jess, I bet they are going to meet us at the dinning hall.” assumed Reni. So they went down and sat in their seats. They waited and watched but the two of them never came. Their seats stood empty the entire meal. Jess looked at Reni they both were thinking the same thing and that was that their time was done. They figured nothing had happened yet though because they would have been ask to cover the tracks like last time.

After they had finished their meal and brought their plates to the kitchen they ran to Cam’s room the Jules’s no one was there. They wandered back to the room and grabbed the note that was passed to them by the girl. It seemed like it would be important and may tell where Jules and Cam were. They slowly opened the note and it said something like this, “ Dear Shy and Kale. My name is Kyan. I find it my duty to state Cam and Jules have gone missing. None of the people here have seen them since gym. I believe that the two of them are not really people who had been almost killed by a hired assassin. I do believe however they were in danger. I may know where they are but I can not save them by my self. You two are the strongest, fastest, and smartest people in this area. I might have plan that could save the two of them and maybe the rest of the people at this place. Meet me and a few of the people who are willing to help us get everyone out of here at the big tree at midnight in the back yard. Knock on the tree four times and we will respond. Thank-you for taking the time to read this. Please we need your help.

Jess looked at Reni and said, “Finally we have some help. You know what we have to do. Lets get ready to go.” Reni and Jess both changed their clothing so that the only color they were wearing was black. Then they sat and talked for a little while but they got bored so they set their alarm for ten to twelve and fell asleep. When their alarm rang they woke up and brushed their hair and got ready to leave. It was close to eight and they decided they should leave but as hey were exiting the room Kaze looked down at them. Uh-oh they both thought. “And where do you think the two of you are going?” Kaze asked. “I am guessing back into our room.” Said Reni. Kaze looked at her “Well you better be.”

The two walked back into their room and locked the door. They walked up to their window and climbed out of the window. They stopped and looked around to see if there was anyone in sight. There was not anyone so they ran to the back yard as fast as they possible could. They went to the biggest tree they could find and knocked on the trunk four times. Suddenly they heard four more knocks and a whole appeared right beneath them. They fell threw onto a slide that brought them under ground. “Did anyone fallow you?” Kyan asked. “No.” They both replied. The girl started to talk, “Good because it might be a wreck if anyone caught us here. Now I told you I might know where the two of them were and here it is. I believe that the two of them were hired assassins that are supposed to kill the people who reach the end of their time here. The thing is when the police went to the base of that team that invaded not many people were found. I think that, that is because the invaders team mates are hiding in this place along with the rest of the people here. I do not know how they got here but they are here. I hope that you will prove this is true with me. After we get rid of all these people who I believe were hired by Kaze we can get to him. Soon after we will all be able to get out of this place. Do you understand what I have said so far?”

Reni looked at her, “You can not be serious? You want me to believe that Cam was hired to kill us? I mean the people here.” “You said us what is that supposed to mean? Kyan asked while looking puzzled. “Well you see.” Jess said. “It went the same for those two that were here. They were after us because both of our parents are spies that are trying to find all of the assassins. Our parents hate each other so they hired people to kill the other ones child. Now however we are a threat because it turns out to be we are not the real children of our parents and we are highly skilled. So they believe that if we are not on their team they have to kill us. You know they could just ask us to join them not saying that we would though.” Kyan’s mouth dropped. Reni smiled with a forgive us smile. Kyan suddenly had a thought and said, “Hey if both of your parents track assassins they have a list of all their names right? So if you call your parents get the list then we can see who the assassins are.” Reni looked at her and laughed, “You don’t get it our parents love us but they want us dead as much as all the teams of assassins. Us being alive makes assassins know who our parents are and soon they will be killed which would be pretty bad.” Reni smirked and laughed, “I mean I love my parents but they are not my real parents.” “I guess that makes sense.” Kyan said as she looked at Reni.

So all of them walked to their rooms and went to bed. Jess and Reni stayed awake long enough to discus what happened and then they fell asleep. Their alarm ran it was the next day. Today they did not have class or an event in the ball room so today would be the day their plan went into motion. Jess and Reni had to sneak out and steal the book from their parents. Today was the day that they would begin to save everyone here.

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