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I plan to just scratch down any thoughts or events here
Water Park
Wow I haven't written in here in like forever.. O___o oh well

Just got back from a water park, it was really fun! There were lots of really high slides!! I LOVE those!!! 'cept in the lazy river the life guard blew the whistle at me and my brother for fighting...I don't even remember why we were fighting now, but it might have gotten nasty O______o he LOVES to piss me off--oh and we lost our sister in that river!! we were searching everywhere for her, thinking she has crying and scared, but when we got out she ran up to me and hugged me, laughing, "What took you guys so long??!!" -_____-;; ppfff. also the place was swarming with HUGE fat women...yum DX yeah that was pretty gross...oh! There was this guy who we called Santa Claus cus he had a huge belly and a white beard xDDD he was ALWAYS in the lazy river--my brother and I made a joke that he was probably just stuck in his inner tube and he's been there for days and nights XDDD. We're terrible, I know. The food there was GREAT, unlike I expected. I ordered some minced beef from this BBQ place, it was spicy and GOOD. Can't describe its goodness... well like I said, my favorite slides are the really high ones, but there was one that was awesome because there were lots of jerky drops, with water shooting out of the bottom to propel you forward (required an inner tube). So yeah, that's pretty much it!
Later! biggrin

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The Objectional Phoenix
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commentCommented on: Sat Jul 19, 2008 @ 03:39am
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I'm crying of laughter right now!

commentCommented on: Wed Jul 23, 2008 @ 10:33am
rofl rofl

Sounded fun~
I'm going to the water park on Thursday, so hopefully I'll come back with fun stories too. 3nodding

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