So, I'm going to Otakon, in Maryland. I keep forgetting when, but I know it's sometime in August. Anyway, I was planning on making a costume, but I can't sew worth crap. And once I got around to considering asking my grandmother (who was under the impression that I was making costumes for me and my two sisters), there wouldn't have been enough time for them to be finished, since she's making to for my cousin, who's also going with us. But that's not my point, I just got a bit sidetracked (I seem to do that a lot) and started rambling. My real point is: My costume. I won't actually be making anything, only buying random bits and pieces and putting them together. I'm going for a sweet lolita vampire type thing. I even found the perfect wig, which is too expensive, so I have to get a different one and style it. Looking back at my previous encounters with wigs, I doubt it will turn out like I want it to. But I'm sure it'll be cool anyway.
Oh, and I made my own cat ears. Just four triangles of faux fur sewn together (Elmer's glue didn't work) on a piece of clear elastic string. I plan on making a tail out of the scraps. It'll probably turn out square-ish. But that's pretty much it.