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The Overcast of my life
Basically anything I feel like saying.
Fear is isolation, pulling you from the world.
Pain is what makes us know we're still here.
Underneath the fake smiles and the perfect lives, we are all the same, hurt and crying.
The rain will come to wash away the pain of the world as it cries freely onto the soiled ground.
I Hurt myself so you can't
You were my cure, and I was your disease, I was killing you and you were saving me.
I welcome you to feel my pain...or show me a life worth living.
In with a bullet, out with hearts.
Do not love..unless you expect pain.
Suicide is painless, It's life that hurts.
I've never felt any physical pain stronger then the emotional pain I have to live with.
Pain doesn't hurt when it's all you've ever felt.
Do you think it hurts to die? It's hurting so much more to stay alive.
if I cut myself wide open, would you crawl in and save my soul?
You all assume I'm safer in my room.
So much pain behind these eyes.
Just because I'm not crying doesn't mean I'm okay.
I'm so lonely I dont even want to be with myself anymore.
What did you think Bracelets were for?
You asked whats wrong and I smiled and said Nothing then turned around and whispered Everything.
Don't worry I'll be fine, just let me slit my wrists one last time.
depression has only one cure...I'm just afraid no one cares enough to stop me from curing myself.
Thoughts of you run through my head like suicide does.
And She's so afraid to get close to ANYONE because everyone that ever said I'll be there left.
It's funny how someone can break your heart, but you still love them with all the little pieces..My heart still bleeds for you.

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