Yup I had a week of vacation from work & it was great! I got to spend it w/family & my Devil in CA plus I got to kickback at home too.
It's neat too cuz I finally got internet at home so I'm super happy about that.


Somehow I knew something bad was going to happen & it did. When I came back to work on the 7th I was told I wouldn't get a paid vacation...

scream WTF?! WHY WASN'T I TOLD BEFORE?! scream

It's really gay especially since some other the other people don't do $hit and get paid more than me. stressed
I can't wait to find another job and tell this boss I quit!
If I'd known I wasn't getting paid I would've gotten only 2 of my work days off! It's B.S.
Also some people f@#$%d things up but I'm not fixing it since its not MY problem.