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Kid Anthro's 2nd journal!
I love anime, dogs, ddr, and finding some gaia user with extra stuff to send me. I don't want my avatar to feel unloved...
Hey all! Wow, been a looooong time since I posted!! ^^; Anyways, here are some updates on my life:
-I've become the drum major for my high school marching band!
-I had a girlfriend for 13 months, exactly, broke up, and now have another girlfriend! ^^
-I decided I would like to go into college for art/graphic design.
-I now am hosting Gold-bought commissions. Here are my prices:
-Character: 10k(each, max of 5 characters per commish)
-Background: +5k
-All characters in commish: +5k
-Background: +5k
-Traditional Means(Hand-colored):
-Prismacolor© Colored Pencils: 5k
-Prismacolor© Colored Markers(Colors limited): 10k
-Digital Means(On computer)
-Photoshop© CS2: 15k
*If you choose this, please select one of the following shade options:
-Cel-Shade(Anime style shading): no extra cost
-Realism/"Blurry"(deep-styled realistic shading): +1k
Please get back to me soon with your decision on type(lineart or inking), background info(if any), and color option(traditional[pencils/markers] or digital[Photoshop with Cel-shade or Realism]).
I will do all of the following in a picture:
-Media(s): Human, Anthro/Furry
-Fight Scenes(I LOVE these!!)
-Romance Scenes/Scenarios
-Fan Art(Must provide specific details)
-Profile Pics/Con Badges
-Anything else, really. Just ask me!
-Yiffy/Porn/Nudity of any fashion(Not until May 2009, in which case, sure!^///^)
-Any picture.idea which involves unrequested violence/sexual activity to a member of Gaia, DA, FA, FAP, or any other web site in which I host art. Don't be a meanie-weenie!
-Mechas of any kind, unless you pay about 1k extra! Not that I hate em, but Its not really my "cup-o-tea"!
-Pictures/Ideas of insult, racism, sexism, anti-anything, or positive acceptance of extreme drug/substance abuse(cigars and cigarettes are fine, even a joint or two, but no 9-bong chuggers, guys!!).
-Any character from another web site in which there are strict rules stating unpermitted character uses(Only if that person does not FULLY AGREE to allow me to draw his/her's character(s))
Again, for all characters wanted, please present a usable reference picture(link to one, or if you cannot provide a picture, a very in-depth description). This goes for backgrounds, if a ref will be needed for it. Don't forget to include a list of the character(s) color scheme(s) if the reference(s) is/are Black and White.
Payment by you, for all requested commission payment fields named by me, will be asked to be recieved when I send a note to you explaining the completed commission. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GOLD IF YOU SEND THE PAYMENT EARLIER THAN REQUESTED, AND I , FOR SOME REASON, CANNOT MAKE THE COMMISSION
Your address will be required to recieve a Hard Copy of the work. In that case, you can send me a working address upon recieving confirmation for payment. Any questions? Please email me at inufan119@aim.com or visit my Deviant Art page at djkyota.deviantart.com. Any questions?
Well, if you need anything else, pm me or go to my DA page, http://www.djkyota.deviantart.com , my FA page, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/djkyota , or my Furry Art Pile page(username: "djkyota"...big surprise! XP). Have fun here!

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