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this chineese journal
its mine mouhahahha! XD
my trip in toronto
ok this is my road trip journal...all i write here is exactly the same as in my journal
soo time to start i guess...
Dear road trip journal,first of all, waking at 5:20 is hard,rly hard. if mew read this...then thank u very much >.> (sarcasme by the way).Secondly,finelly its not a 6h car ride its more a 2 hour car ride whit a 6h bus ride....God HELP ME!!! T.T....I dint eat breakfast this morning...even though its only 1h that i wake up.... where is those cookies? *search the whole car**find then : D* yay *eats one* yummy fortune cookie ^^ *eats a second one* i cant understand why theirs people who dont eat the fortune cookie and keep the paper inside it....its only a little paper >.> waste of cookie*eats another one* i wonder how much cookie i will eat in this trip...wow...passionate discusion about cookies ^^" *eats another cookie*
*eats half of a cookie* o.o? a half of cookie? anyways ^^" i feel like a pig ^^" *Eats a cookie* god... i got nothing to write...before i started i was like OH! i will write this ,this and this....now am more.....euh... what...? ^^" all forgotten *Eat a cookie* god...i have nothing to write...
i just notice i puted smilies in the text o.o... PX IS CONTROLING MEH!*Eat a cookie* omg...inner yelling reminds me of gaia ^^" *eats a cookie*
god am bored *sneeze*
mew:stevie ur always bored
me: MEW!? WTF your doing in my car?
mew:idk...o look a cookie *steals ones* *eats* :3
me: hey! that was my cookie...
mew: its now my belly cookie ^^
me: >.>
mew: >.>
moment of boredum ^^" *Eats a cookie* presently on a brige...reminds me of the RP of me and chanel o.o.... (7h30) *eats half of cookie*
(7h36) we see the bus...
we enter the bus... great front seat now everyone can see our every movement... i hate front seat now....so here begins the 6h bus ride...WEEE! (sarcasme wee...) imma try to pass whit me ds soo... *closes book and open ds*(8h10)
*open back book* (9h20)
after wining 5 match of the new super mario brother vs my brother and 8 round of mario party its now 9h20....slow gosh its slow...som1 help me T.T..at least the view is nice... if you like trees, forest, empty fields.... o ya i forgot and TREE!!sigh ...and they put bad music...flute or something plus cinballs...a music you dint in a deser island and you leave it their for the good sake of humanity. i could doodle.... ud the bus dint bounce that much -.-.....imma doodle i think (9h26)
sigh.... no inspiration, no imagination... at least i remember and praticed my chineese name writing but its missing the style..... back to the DS i guess...like in gaia... m pretty boring ^^"... so to the DS *batman music* DS!!! (9h40)
(11h35) after playing pokemon i felt asleep 2 times o.o god this is slow...at least i dont feel the need of puking another good news is that they closed de music : D mo more bad music... omg 3 full pages? wow i writed alot...but m still bored and i miss my gaia friends...talking about gaia...who could give me those gimpi...a mysterie that i will solve
30 more minutes...god.. my mom and i changed place but all my stuff wer in front, boring 1h!...and i was to shy to get up and get my stuff. a chance we had to stop or i could never change place. i knew finelly we wer going to a chineese lantern festival ...great *roll eyes*. not sure it worthed to come
(1h5 cool
we are goiing to the pacifique mall first...great (sarcasme) shopping T.T...som1 help me!! sigh i bet their will have high places... am affraid of hights! T.T... and i bet it will be crowded of tourist... (2h10)
back from shopping...pretty boring...but they got a nice arcade. i played DDR...note to self... do not play DDR whit the arrows are in holes ... you can fall!!... i heard people whispering, they said : this guy is hylarious, just because he played funny... those people are retards! just because you play differently its not a reason to laugh. sigh.. everywhere i go i see retards. anyways it was a nice mall ^^ if u like shopping...another thing i notice is that their wer few non-azn...did they made a guetto or something? like in the second world war? anyways another thing is that they got alot of shops but like 10 of the same thing or even i saw the same name shop at 2 places....whats the use? anyways...the best thing i liked was the arcade ^^" even though i almost fall ^^"(6h07) great -.- traffic jam.nvm little traffic jam ^^ soo hope the lanterns will worth the 6 h ride+ 2 hour car ride... and hope that my cam work ^^"
i wish i could write sooner but i dont know if u ever tryed to write in the dark... its hard ! anyways the lantern festival almost worth the 8h ride... i did a good 100 pic^^" they had foxes User Image
tiger User Image
panda bear
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
and much more ^^ its my favorit trip this summer... soo now am in room 704 in a fairfield hotel o.o my 4th time sleeping in a hotel ^^ omg they got internet conection...WHY I DINT BRING MY PC!!! anyways its 11h16 imma go sleep now... goodnight everyone ^^
good morning everyone ^^ waking at 6h30 its hard but i slept on the sofa . its almost a relief. my left should hurts a lil. so wake up at the morning, eat breakfast. a fun experience is when the juice machine dosent stop.. insint suppose to stop by himself when you clic on the small juice cup image? NO! you need to clic on stop who is right up but you cant see it because your clicking at the small juice cup image to try to stop the flow... at least their wer an employee to help me^^"ok already an embarassed moment...thats a fun way to start a day.. so now am in the bus...writing to passe time... got this is boring. o cool we are going at the ginsing moutain where they farm ginsing. they say tey got high quality ginsing.they do ginsing tea/candy/wine. they sai that ginsing tea gives alot of energy, anyways. imma close book and star playing DS!
back from the ginsing moutain thingny and the ice wine shop in 2 words to describe this part of the trips is deadly boring...is very very boring first of all the ginsing moutain..after 10 mins after tasting tea/candy that was incredebly bitter(ew!) i went outside and wait....and wait -.- and wait i think i get it... BORING! after the ice wine shop..the adults tasted wine..the children...um..juice..more none-alchoolised wine peach flavored...so while the adults wer tasting wine, us wer drinking juice... and the juice wer acide...i bet if i spilled some juice on the floor it owuld made a hole to the other side of the world anyways to say that now it dint worth the 8h ride.. now we are going to the buggest chineese supermarket of toronto...that will be fun *roll eyes and sarcastic voice* ok now...*closses book*
*open book* a cool bored moment at tim hortons.... at eleven idk what we had a flat...so we stopped at a tim to wait for someone to come repar who took 1h so idk if we still go at the supermarket even though it will be boring obliviously, what so fun about a supermarket? in the tim i tasted some yummy sea weed cookie. this reminds me of when i was starting this... i was talking about cookie too ^^"anyways we are back and rolling in the bus to a destination idk...nvm she just told us we are still going to the supermarket. soo imma go back on my DS! again ^^"
back from T and T supermarket and dinner (god am full) it wasent so bad after all ^^ it was impresive because of all the people its just impresive...o ya I FINISH THE LEGENG OF ZELDA PHANTOM HOURGLASS ^^ random anyways now we are going to get cakes ^^" back to DS
bored moment in the bus... i wanted to write something...but i forgot ^^" anyways.. back to sleeping or DS i guess...
sigh... i almost wanted to puke...i think because i dint eat enough or something but now am better...for souper sushi ^^ yum so brb ^^
back from sushi and a red bean bun ^^ idk why but they puted a movie on the tv...but not to come...but only when we go -.-... i was so bord when i was coming to toronto anyways imma watch it and try to enjoy it soo... brb again ^^

we are in montreal ^^ yay cant wait to get home... even though its more car ride ^^ i wont write until we get home because i get car sick sadely...soo this end this journal i guess... so the end!

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Lunatic Tears
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Aug 19, 2008 @ 04:47am
OMG AMAZING JOURNAL! *had to correct ur typos* hehe mew has ur cookie ^_^ domokun

commentCommented on: Wed Aug 20, 2008 @ 07:19pm

long a** read... funny thow ^^...i lvoe cookies XD dramallama

V- Fang -V
Community Member
Chikan Milk
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 05:25am
danm tat must of took alot of time to write but it sounds like ya had fun xD lov da pics XD

commentCommented on: Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 03:40pm
thank you everyone ^^" ya it took me a hour....to rewrite in the pc.... ^^

Community Member
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