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Mean Things that have happened to me This Week D:

Listen to this song as you read this for full emotion>>>>The Sad Clown Waltz

Ok, the paranormal forces of Classic Slap-Stick Comedies are working against me somehow this week.

I got the fever ok? And if that wasn't bad enough, I went to my looney and politically incorrect grandmother's house so she could take care of me. So, she stuck a thermometer in my mouth and I held it under my tongue. I was checking my email and my myspace for a while and I forgot it was even in my mouth. When I finally noticed, I went to my grandma to ask her if I should take it out now. When I tried to open my mouth my grandma screamed disturbingly that if I opened my mouth I'd have to "Start over again" (I had no idea how that made sense, but I didn't want to get forced to stand on my knees in a corner for two hours) so I tried to write out my question.

I wrote in big red letters, "CAN I TAKE MY THERMOMETER OUT NOW?"

She grabbed the paper and stared at it for a moment or two and then replied to me that she could read with out her glasses. So, I tired writing, "WERE ARE YOUR GLASSES" but stopped in mid sentence realizing that she can't read this message either. So I ran through her things in her bedroom trying to find her ********' glasses. When I couldn't find them, I ran into the halls to find my sister. I ran up to her and tried asked if she knew where they were. It came out something like this:

"COMMA! (Connor) War ar groomooz geshaes?!" (Connor, were are grandma's glasses?)

And, much to my HORROR, she looked at me like I was a three headed-d**k and (Because she has anger issues) she stepped on my foot. She said she hated it when I tried to tell her something when I didn't know how to speak.

SO, defeated, I went back to the living room to see my grandma sitting on the couch. I went to her. and sat on the floor and almost cried. (I know, I'm emotional, STFU.)

Then I turned my head and saw those freakin' glasses on the table next to us. As I reached to get them, a look of malice across my face, my grandma tapped me and I turned.

She grabbed the thermometer and mumbled: "Time to take this out now."

I screamed.

A few days later I went inside Mcdonalds and slipped on some Ketchup on the flor and hit my head.

Then, I went to the beach after my fever cleared up. I got 2nd degree burns on my shoulders and I could barely move without hurting.

Plus, everyone who didn't know I had a sunburn on my back and shoulders would smack me in the back (My family does that to say hello on my dad's side, it's really obnoxious)

-Sigh- So, I think this week almost killed me. What about you??

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