Since I live in Florida, guess I could write about the storms and hurricanes that come through this summer. The first to hit us this summer (200 cool was Fay. Never did get to a hurricane so the winds were not that strong. Did spawn a couple of tornadoes though. Fay slowed down and stopped a time or two over central FL and dropped massive amounts of rain. There is flooding is most of the low level areas. It was amazing that one storm could end 2 years of drought conditions. Some areas got over 30 inches of rain. We were OK with no flooding or water coming into the house. Walking on the grass was like walking on a wet sponge though. If you stand in one place to long, the water would start to collect around your feet. Some people were not so lucky. I feel sorry for them and hope they learned that their house is in a low spot. The news media reported that these people were mad at the local government for not doing more to help with all of the water. I wonder if that is true and these people are waiting on the government to help them out. People in FL don't wait for the government to help them, that is what happened in New Orleans and they are still trying to rebuild. We are better off helping ourselves and not waiting on the government to do it for us. Besides this is the U.S.A., not Russia or North Korea.