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Vote Obama - Terrible Palin - The War
Sara Palin is against abortion, abortion rights for the raped and victims of incest, against sex before marriage, against birth control, against out of marriage pregnancy, and is sponsoring her church's "conversion of the gays" which will invite the gay community into the church to be converted via "prayer". This is just ridiculous. Yes, I am Christian, but alot of US citizens aren't. All her choices are based on her religion. There needs to be a seperation of church and state in the law making, which the republicans dont seem to understand.

On top of this, she's a hypocrite, her daughter is a pregnant teen.

Also McCain is Bush's golfing buddy, supporting him all the way.

DO WE really need another Bush in office? Do we want our rights as women to be taken away that took so many years to earn?

Even if she does get into office none of her beliefs will be passed in congress, they're just to medieval.

I support gay rights, and women's rights. VOTE OBAMA.

I also don't want this war for oil to escalate. It IS war for oil, contrary to what the ignorant believe.

George Bush proposed to invade Iran on "terrorist reasons" when Iran is one of the leading countries in Oil, next to Iraq. If you look on the internet it lays out a map with the highest oil producing places and it goes from Iraq where our troops are stationed all the way into Iran.

I think it's time for the truth to get out, for a black president, for a president who will stop this war of ridiculousness.

No offense to anyone serving right now, or anyone who is close to anyone who is serving, we all are entitled to our own opinions, but all of this is fact, whether you want to believe it or not.

Stop this war! DON'T VOTE MCCAIN!

Yasuna Harumi
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [4]
    Lady Astella
    Community Member

    Tue Sep 30, 2008 @ 06:58pm

    I know what you mean.. Bush is support McCain I can't believe there are people who vote for him. HE doesn't even care the war last for 100 years. I don't care for Palin if she is a women. I would be proud if a women did get elected but no way NOT HER!!

    Emo screamox33
    Community Member

    Mon Nov 03, 2008 @ 09:12pm

    ehhh i hate palin

    l iTigg3r l
    Community Member

    Tue Dec 23, 2008 @ 04:07am

    Hehe am happy that Obama won the election > biggrin !
    And Sara Palin is stupid. XD
    heart ~Tina.

    Community Member

    Mon Jan 05, 2009 @ 08:00pm

    Well, I definately respect your opinions. I did not vote for Obama. I believe that in the end, he will be the downfall of our country. But this is coming from a religious point of view. You are a Christian and so am I.
    Look at where Obama is going to take our country over the next 4 years? I believe that he was meant to be in office because this world isnt going to be here forever and I believe he is the beginning of the end.
    On the other hand...did not care for Palin whatsoever. Really, I would have preferred if neither Obama nor McCain took office.

    I say vote for PEDRO!!! rofl

    User Comments: [4]
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