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My Fiction Story.....

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Bazaar with Alphonse and Edward
Hi minna! Welcome to my second story. This story talks about Al and Ed from Full metal alchemist (my second favorite Anime/manga). Well, enjoy!!


cheese_whine Bazaar cheese_whine

Edward and Alphonse decided to sell some souvenirs and drinks, which Edward sell arm machines from Winry and Alphonse sell many kind of cold drinks in Cold box in bazaar however today's sun is so great sunshine and hot.

Ed: Waa~ hot... gonk (He fan his body with Newspaper)

Al: Hey, onii-san does you want cold drinks?

Ed: Waa~ that's good, Al. Thanks Al smile

Al: No problem, nii-san (give a can of coca cola)

Edward begins to drink as long as he waits a customer to but his souvenirs. Thirty minutes later, a customer come to Al and buys his cold drinks. Edward only looks that customer and asks something,

Ed: Hi, pretty lady, do you want to buy my souvenirs? wink

Customer: No, thanks smile

Ed: Well thanks for coming sad

Al: Onii-san... (A bit worries)

One rejected for Edward and after 3 minuter pass, a couple come to buy another drinks from Al. Edward ask again,

Ed: Hi sir, madam, do you want to my souvenirs? wink again

Sir: Uwaa~ It's nice~. Ok I buy it!

Madam: Darling! You promise me to buy new dresses so don't spend money to buy that stupid things!!

Sir: But darling that is not stupid things. (Explain gentlelly)

Ed: That's true..! mad

Madam: Whatever! I’m not allowed you to buy it!! (Already leave them)

Ed: Why do you marry her? stare

Sir: Well many things happen. Haa~ sorry kid, I can't buy it sweatdrop

Ed: Well~ no problem. Have a nice day sad

Sir: Oh thanks kid and see you.

Madam: Hurry up, honey!! Don't slow, today is very hot!

Sir: OK I’m coming! (Run after his wife who not far from them)

Ed: Damn, what a b***h. stressed

Al: Onii-san... (Worry)

Another rejected again for him, three hours already pass but they still don't sell. Al who get many customers begin feel worry to his brother; begin to ask to his brother.

Al: Are you OK?, nii-san?

Ed: Yeah, I’m fine, Al (with scary voice and face)

Al: Eh? Are you really OK, nii-san? (Ask him again to make sure)

Ed: Yeah.., I’m fine for sure~ (faint because of heat)

: Ah!! scream Onii-san! Wake up, nii-san! Nii-san! Nii-san!! (Try to wake him up)... No! What should I do?! (Panic)

Someone: Anu...

Al: Eh? (Stop panic)

Customer: can I buy some cold drinks?

Al: oh! Of course... (Al gives the order)

Customer: Waa~ today is so hot and very good to drink a cold drink. Thanks (give money). Eh? (He looks to Ed's souvenirs). That's... That’s... That’s... That’s arm machine!! *0*. I want to buy it!!

Ed: One piece $ 210, sir. (Suddenly wake up and become so energetic)

Customer: OK, I buy three pieces, please

Ed: OK, all $630, sir

Customer: this the money (give money and take his order)

Ed: thank you, thank you, sir!! You are my god! biggrin

The customer seems so happy and leaves them

Ed: Yes, yes, yes!! Finally i get a customer!! (Jump happily)

Al: O-Onii-san...~ (so worry)

Ed: Yes, yes, yes~ (faint again!!)

AL: Waa~ onii-san!! scream Why?! (Doesn’t believe it)

Until Bazaar close, Edward still faint and Alphonse bring him home so Bazaar for this year, Alphonse got 10 customers however Edward only got one and he fainted twice plus he got scream from Wendy cause he not sell all of them sweatdrop . What a poor Edward, probably today is his unlucky day

cheese_whine END cheese_whine

Thanks for reading my second story, please don’t forget to R&R. I’m sorry it’s so short however I will try my best to make a long story. Once more time I say Thanks. biggrin
I do OWN this story....

Ed get mad
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hehehehe... he is so funny... lol

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