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ramblings, babblings, rants, stories, poems, school work, randomness, gold posts
Concept characters! <33
Haha look what comes out of my boredom! I might add a story for them a little later on wink BTW I'm yet to change their names^^ I just can't think of any suiting them atm.

RubyUser ImageSapphireUser ImagePearlUser ImageTopazUser ImageAmethystUser Image

So that's what the girls look like and here's their descriptions mrgreen

Background info

Ruby is the eldest of all the girls. At the age of 23, it is her job to make sure al of them is safe and healthy. This is sometimes a problem due to her laziness and lack of seriousness but when she really -and urgently- has to do something she is able to deal with the problem withing seconds. Her looks make her an outcast from society. She was born with deep crimson eyes and an even deeper shade of red for her unmanageable curly hair. Since Ruby was a child she was seen as "evil" or a "witch" when in true fact she is caring and loving.

Sapphire on the other hand is the youngest and is quite a contrast from the looks and personality of Ruby. Sapphire has always been the popular outgoing type and is very bubbly and energetic. She was the ultimate girl for the fanboys in her previous school and since the "incident" is now being home schooled by her blind older sister, Pearl.

Pearl was born blind and has never had contact to the outside world. Though Sapphire is the most popular, Pearl is the definite beauty of the family. She is only 2 months older than Sapphire and was supposed to be her twin but due to an accident she had to be born premature to give her and her sister a fighting chance of life. The result of this was losing her sight. Being stuck at home all day, Pearl read special braille books. This gave her the great knowledge and philosophy that built up her character and her perception of the world. Only being the second youngest, Pearl is by far the smartest of all the girls and is able to help them with most questions they ask.

Topaz isn't fully related to the rest of the girls. They all share the same mother but not the same father. Topaz was seen as the "sin" child by outsiders and random strangers. Being the second eldest she is neither independent nor dependent. Most times she vents her anger out on Ruby by insulting and challenging her. This of course had no effect on Ruby due to her laid-back attitude which made Topaz even more furious to know she was not young enough to need or old and wise enough to be needed. This cut her up inside but deep down she knows that all her sisters love her the most and are fascinated by her extra power.

Amethyst is the sporty cocky type of person. She is very lovable but also very easy to despise. She is the middle child and looks up a lot onto Topaz. Though she looks up to Topaz she is almost completely a different character. Amethyst is the second most beautiful of the girls and has the amazing power to wrap men around her fingers. At the moment she has a career in the sporting industry and is one of the best divers of the world.

Cutting to the chase info

Ruby- Age: 23. DOB: 28/4. Favorite things: Red and black, eating ANYTHING, sleeping. Hates: Having to be awake.

Sapphire- Age: 15. DOB: 7/10. Favorite things: Blue, cute stuff, sweets, shopping with Amethyst. Hates: Not being center of attention, Ruby's cooking.

Pearl- Age: 15. DOB: 6/12. Favorite things: Reading, philosophy, music. Hates: Not being able to see the beautiful world.

Topaz- Age: 20. DOB: 3/11. Favorite things: Fire, orange, family-sometimes-, friends, music. Hates: Being judged, family-sometimes-

Amethyst- Age: 18. DOB: 30/1. Favorite things: Topaz, boys, diving, clothes, purple and black, shopping with Sapphire, Ruby's cooking.
Hates: LOSING, rejection, Pearl's long speeches about civilization.

Each of the girls have their own specific powers but I won't reveal what they are till I'm done with y story razz I still have to make the guys you know xP

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