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Welcome to the 9th level of hell!
Rant about a party.
Men cry not for themselves...
I went to a party at TheDuskBlade's house. At 1st it was fun. Playing Oblivion and Burnout revenge. Then other people showed up. gonk It was then a Rock Band fest for 6-7 hours. What's so bad about that? Try playing rockband in a smallish basement with 15 screaming kids in there. Not only that, but all the adults upstairs were getting drunk.(kinda) Then the claustrophobia set in. So, in a desperate attempt at freedom, I tried to find a less crowded area. Now try navigating through small rooms with at least 10 people in every room. When I finally got to the porch, it was just me and 3 friends, however it was about 35 degrees, and I was not wearing shoes or a jacket.[FAIL] So I go back inside and play Apollo Justice on my DS for about 4 hours. Then when everyone left at about 8:45, a small part of my conscience whimpered in the corner saying "Where the hell did everyone go?" It was just so EMPTY. Then I had to sit there for another 30 minutes watching DuskBlade play Guitar Hero 3. Then my mom finally got there, but my dad wasn't with her.(they had also gone to a party.) Where is my dad, you ask? It's 10:30 PM as I type this and I still have no clue. stare

The moral of this story? Stay the **** away from TheDuskBlade's parties.
...But for their comrades.

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