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My luvly journal
What do I write in my journal? Stuff of corse random stuff and experiences that happen to me.
Hey here's a story I've been writing based on the best seller Twilight. Please read and comment, Thanks!

Sun Rise
Prelude: Dream

I had two dreams as I tossed and turned in that night. The first thing I remember was hearing their soft murmured voices. Whether I was awake or not I’m not sure. I listened more intently but I couldn’t understand their words. As time went on their voices changed. My image of their angelic faces twisted into snarls in my mind. Their soothing hum mutated. Their voices shrieked and scraped as though their words were clawing their way out of their throats. I tried to pull to pull deeper under the covers but I couldn’t find my arms.
Suddenly a voice came that downed out everything else. This voice soothed me more than anything. I smiled, then drifted into unconsciousness.
My second dream was stranger still. I must have been more awake this time because I was able to notice how much clearer this one was than the other one. This time I stood in a forest of tall trees and lush ferns that carpeted the ground. But I was not alone. I was aware of his hand in mine but try as I might I could not turn my head to look at his face. I decided to move forward hoping that if I could escape the shadows of the forest I’d be able to see his face.
After walking a ways there was a clearing in the trees and we stepped into a valley covered in wild flowers and surrounded by snowy peaks. I smiled knowing his glorious skin would be reflecting the light like thousands of tiny intricately faceted diamonds.
I was about to turn when I felt his hand slipping out of mine. I clutched it tighter and whirled around to see his expression. Before my eyes found his face he turned to petals in my hands. I tried to gather them up and put him back together, but they danced away form me, fluttering to the ground and getting lost among the other flowers.
When I realized I was alone I awoke with a shock. My head flew from the pillow and fell quickly back again as I heaved a heavy sigh.
“Bella? What’s wrong?” he asked his eyes looking anxious.
“Hmm.. just a strange dream.” I said brushing it off.
“What was it about?” he asked his topaz eyes looking a little calmer. I shrugged
“I don’t really remember.” I lied looking away. I was surprised when he didn’t push the subject further. “Charlie?” I asked looking at the clock. It was 9:00 and he’d probably want to go fishing.
“He’s waiting to make sure you’re okay. You should go see him.” Edward replied calmly
“And he doesn’t know you’re here? I asked raising an eyebrow. He shook his head. Of course not. But I suppose it’s better that way. “I’ll be right back.” I said as I head slowly for the stairs.
Charlie was standing by the table grumbling as he flipped threw the paper. He looked up when I hit the squeaky step and smiled.
“Hey sleepy head how’re you felling?”
“Better I think I was just tiered.” I soothed as I grabbed a bowel and some cereal.
“Hey, do you have any plans today?” he hedged uneasily. I knew Charlie well enough to guess what he was asking.
“Fishing?” I questioned with a smirk. He nodded a little embraced.
“It’s just that Harry’s free today and we might stop by Billy’s later…”
“Dad. Don’t worry about it.” I said interrupting him. “Go ahead and fish. I don’t mind being home alone. Maybe I’ll call Alice and spend the day with her.” As if she needed me to call her to know I was coming. But it seemed to reassure him.
“Thanks” he smiled.
“No problem I replied as I got up to rinse my bowel and head back up stairs. Edward was waiting for me, sitting on the bed with my bathroom bag next to him. “I’ll be quick.” I smiled as I grabbed the bag and the first shirt and pair of pants I could find before walking out the door again. My smiled began to fade however once I closed the door. I usually look forward to the calming water of the shower but it had one drawback. It left me alone with my thoughts and there was nothing to distract me from the hideous faces of the creatures from my dream.
For once I was actually happy to turn off the warm water and step into the cold air. I tried to remind myself that Edward was waiting for me. I rubbed my hair with a towel not bothering to blow dry it. I took a deep breath and tried to smile before I headed back to my room. It wasn’t as hard once I was in his arms but I tucked my head under his chin just in case. “So what’s on today’s agenda?” I asked casually. When he didn’t answer right away I looked up, curious. Although he smiled slightly there was a sad look in his eyes.
“I was going to go hunting with Emmett and Jasper.”
“Oh. Okay.” I tried not to look bothered. “I have a bit of homework to do and there’s laundry and the house needs cleaning so I’ll be keeping busy.” I said reassuring him.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, just go.” I urged rolling my eyes. He stood up and so did I, stretching on my toes for a goodbye kiss.
“I love you.” he murmured and then he was gone.
I sighed and flopped back on the bed. Why did he have to leave today of all days? I suppose nothing could be done about it I thought as I walked downstairs to grab my backpack. As I passed the kitchen table the headline on the paper caught my attention. In bold print it read: New Art Exhibit In Port Angelus. When I flipped the paper over to see the picture that went with it I froze, horrified. There on the page were the very creatures from my dream. I threw the paper out of my hands as fast as I could. It went sailing across the room, bounced off the cabinets and hit the floor where it stayed for the rest of the day.
Chapter 2
My day without Edward continued bleakly. I tried, with little success, to keep myself busy so to stop my nightmare (as I now called it) from replaying constantly in my head. I did dishes, two loads of laundry, dusted, vacuumed, organized my room, planned meals for the week and did my homework but it was still only three thirty by the time I was done. Having exhausted all my other option I decided just to watch TV. There wasn’t much on so I settled on Oprah but she had some actor on to talk about a movie I’d never heard of. I looked at his face but didn’t pay attention to his words as I stared off mindlessly. When his lips started to turn up in a devious smile I changed the channel. Animal planet was having a count down of the world’s fuzziest animal so I figured that would be pretty harmless. I was still watching the fluff show when Charlie got home. “Hey Dad did you catch enough fish to refill the freezer?”
“Yeah.” he said smiling. “But I sure am bushed.”
“I’ll get started on the dinner then.”
“Thanks Bells.” he said walking toward the den to watch TV.

Thankfully it didn’t take long to cook the fish and I was anxious to go to my room and see if Edward was back. I was relieved when Charlie finished eating before me, I didn’t want to seem like I was in a hurry. He headed back to the couch to watch a game that was on so he didn’t notice me hurrying to do the dishes and then running back upstairs.

I worried when I found my room empty but my fears were soon calmed by the sound of my window opening. But his reaction surprised me. He didn’t say hello but pulled me immediately into his stone chest. His voice came softly in my ear. “It was so hard for me to leave you this morning. I’m sorry.”
“Why?” I asked dumb founded. I thought it was only my heart that ached when he left.
“After what happened last night” he whispered, not meeting my gaze. “I left you here alone. It was unforgivable I’m sorry.”
“It, was a bit hard for me too.” I admitted looking away.
“Bella” he said putting his hand on my cheek and turning my face to look at him. “You should have said something. I would have stayed.” The pain in his eyes was obvious now. This was all wrong. Wasn’t the point of me holding my tongue to keep him from suffering as well? How could I be so selfish? “Promise, you’ll tell me next time, if you need me and I’ll stay.” I could only nod.
“Well it’s just that…never mind, forget it.” I didn’t want to hurt him any more.
“Bella!” he groaned. “You know that I hate not being able to read your mind. Just tell me.”
“I had a dream last night.” I whispered peeking up at his face through my lashes. He raised an eyebrow quizzically urging me to continue. “I saw these creatures, they looked so beautiful and pale like you” I said blushing. “They didn’t seem to notice me at first, and talked only amongst themselves. But then their voices began to screech and their faces turned up in demonic smiles. The worst part was that I couldn’t look away or cover my ears.” He opened his mouth to speak but I continued on. “And then this morning, after you left, I was looking at the paper I saw them. It was just a coincidence but it was still it was..unnerving.” I looked up to see his face twisted with an expression of pain and horror. At that moment I knew I must not tell him anything of my second dream. I had already caused him so much pain. Both of us shouldn’t have to feel guilty and miserable?

“They looked like me?” he question threw unmoving lips. Though he did not say the word I well knew he meant vampire.
“Well yeah… but not exactly there was something different about them. Even different from the Voltri…”
“Is the paper still downstairs?”
“Yes, on the kitchen floor unless Charlie moved it.”
“I’ll be right back.” he said quickly before darting from the room in a flash.
He returned a moment later, not with the paper in his hands as I had expected but instead clicked shut his sleek silver phone. “Do you recognize them?” I wasn’t really sure if I wanted the answer but I asked anyway.
“No, but I called Carlisle and asked him to save the paper.”
“Okay.” I said sighing and grabbed my bathroom bag. It was still a little early to go to sleep but I didn’t feel very rested after last night. I stared at my face in the mirror as I brushed my teeth until my eyes appeared a fiendish red and my skin seemed to be even paler. I blinked startled and left the room.
Edward was sitting on the bed waiting for me and I curled up in his lap. He touched the dark circles under my eyes. “You look tiered, shall I sing you to sleep?”
“Mmm.. I’d like that very much.” I said trying not to yawn. As I looked at his face his expression was smooth but his eyes were full of worry. Ever so gently he pulled the blankets down and laid my head against the pillow. I closed my eyes when he started to sing and hope that tonight I wouldn’t dream.
* * *
I awoke Monday morning with the slightest hint of light sneaking around the edges of my shades. When I pulled up the them I sighed. The sky was cloudy and the ground was went with puddles from last night’s rain. I sucked in a deep breathe, turning away and trudging down the stairs. There was something strange about this morning I thought to myself as I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet. It was only comparable to the feeling of a dream. Similar to when you dream of the next morning. You fumble around trying to move with hazy vision and small unsure steps, unaware of what’s around you. But as I yawned I passed it of as nothing more than tiredness.

Charlie had already left and a thrill ran through me when I heard tiers on the driveway. From the window I could see that Edward had the passenger door of the shiny Volvo open and waiting for me. I grabbed my bag and hurried outside. “Hello!” I greeted him cheerily.
“Hey” he replied, sounding uncharacteristically dull.
“What’s up?” I asked raising a quizzical eyebrow. “You seem kinda tense.”
“Well I didn’t sleep very well last night.” he said grinning hugely. I laughed despite my efforts. He hadn’t answered my question and I knew he’d was trying to distract me.
“Did you remember to study for the English test?” Again with the distractions but there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes.
“Oh no! I completely forgot!”
“Don’t worry about it. I saw the tests on Mr. Mason’s desk yesterday and I think it’s one I’ve taken before, in another school of course. It was relatively easy.”
“That’s not very comforting. You’re about super genius status after all.” I joked poking him in the side with my elbow. Edward’s extremely fast driving got us to the school in record timing as he pulled easily into a parking spot and cut the engine.
“Shall we?” he said gesturing to the thankfully, non rainy sidewalk.

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