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Lfangirl's Journal
Well, I've decided to try my hand at this whole journal thing. It'll probably be used for just fanfiction though hehehe.
TNTNW Ch. 2 Hammer Time
Sweet! 2 is up!

I really need to work on Crimson Angel xd Heh, and yes Jill, there is an extra a in your name. But I really like it that waaayyy!!! And I've always wanted to write a Hinata-like character xd


Lacey looked in awe at the imposing man known as Xemnas. She stood on the cold, white floor with her mouth slightly open. Finally, she worked up the nerve to speak. "H-how do you know my name..." she stuttered.

Xemnas laughed quietly, but there was no mirth in it. "Organization 13 knows many things. Xigbar, get her uniform for her and bring her to my office. There is much we must discuss." Xemnas disappeared into a black portal, leaving the two of them silent.

Xigbar cleared his throat, breaking the silence. "Well, better get you changed. Follow me." Lacey silently followed Xigbar up the stairs, still reeling from all that happened.

They soon reached a large room full of black uniforms. He walked down a row of them until he reached one labeled "Lyxcae." He tossed the coat at her. "There you go, your boots and gloves are here too. I'll wait outside while you change." He walked out and left Lacey alone to her thoughts.

"This is...too crazy. It can't all be really happening..." She whispered to herself. Lacey examined the coat Xigbar had given her. It was coal black with a drawstring made of cold metal. She liked the feel of the coat though, and it seemed to be made of a very strong material. She then put on her boots and gloves. Lacey was about to head out the door when she began looking at the strange word printed above the coat hanger.

"L-y-x-c-a-e, Lyxcae. Huh, funny, I think its spelt with the same letters as my name," Lacey whispered.

"So, does the uniform fit?" Xigbar asked as Lacey emerged from the room.

"It makes me look too goth," she whined as she stuck her tongue out in disgust.

Xigbar laughed. "Heh, I guess you're right. Anyway, we gotta head over to the Superior's office pronto. He'll tell you anything you want to know." Xigbar turned and headed to another stairway.

"Hey, wait a second. I've got a question I wanted to ask you."

He looked over his shoulder at her. "Yeah?"

"That word above my coat. What does it mean?" Lacey asked.

"Oh, that? That's your new name."


The newly named Lyxcae stood nervously in front of Xemnas' desk. Xemnas eyed her from his chair, slightly amused by her fear. "Shall we begin?" he asked.

"Umm, I guess so," Lyxcae answered, seating herself in one of the uncomfortable chairs by the desk.

Xemnas laced his fingers together on the desk. "You are no longer Lacey Jordan of Earth. You are now Number 16, Hell's Hammer, Lyxcae. You work for Organization 13, which consists entirely of Nobodies-"

Lyxcae cut him off. "What do you mean by nobodies?"

"A Nobody is what's left of a person of strong will who has lost their heart,” he answered, his voice holding a tinge of annoyance at being interrupted.

Lacey gasped. "L-lost their heart...but they should be dead if that happened!"

Xemnas sighed and stood up from his chair. He slowly walked to a nearby window and gazed longingly at the heart shaped moon. "No. When a person's heart is stolen by a Heartless, things are much different. Do you know what a Heartless is?"

"No sir."

"Its the creature that attacked you on your farm."

"So that's what it was...a Heartless. But why are they on Earth?" Lacey asked, her eyes fearful. "I wonder if Mom and Dad are okay..."

He looked back at Lyxcae. "To collect hearts. That is the only goal of a Heartless. They are slowly beginning to spread from world to world, in an attempt to steal the very heart of the world."

"Heart of the world? Hmm...weird. So, what exactly do we do here in Organization?"

Xemnas returned to his desk. "You will be performing various missions that will bring us closer to our ultimate goal...completing Kingdom Hearts."

Lacey looked puzzled. "Kingdom Hearts?"

"Yes, Kingdom Hearts," he turned his head back to the window, "When Kingdom Hearts is complete...our hearts will return to us. Now, enough chatter, you are to report to Vexen immediately in the medical wing. He will examine you and give you directions to your assigned room."

"Yes sir!" Lyxcae said enthusiastically, she would give anything right now to get away from this man!

Lyxcae hurriedly exited the office, but smacked her forehead in the doorway. Before she even turned around, Xemnas said curtly, "The medical wing is 4 hallways down, the door on the right."

"Hehe, thanks," Lyxcae laughed nervously.


"Is there any history of chronic illnesses in your family?" Vexen asked coldly as he took Lyxcae's blood pressure. She didn't like Vexen very much, he never called her by her name and his hands felt like ice. He even seemed to make the whole room feel like a freezer.

The hospital was more like the lab of a mad scientist. The walls were white, and there were metal tables against them. On those tables were scattered books and vials of strange liquids. She could have sworn she heard something wailing in the next room.

"Well 16?"

She snapped back into reality. "Huh? Oh, umm, I don't think so."

"I see. From what I have observed, your body is in excellent condition. Have you discovered your element yet?"

"My element?"

"Your weapon?"


Vexen sighed and brushed a lock of pale, blonde hair out of his face. "Very well then, you may leave now 16. Your room is on the 8th floor, first door on the first hallway," he said with a tinge of aggravation in his voice.

"'Kay, goodbye," she said, sliding off the table. "Geez, what a creep."

Lyxcae began the long task of locating her room. The hallways twisted and turned in all directions, and she soon became lost.

"Gah! This place is too big!" she growled, leaning against one of the walls. She was quickly getting fed up with this strange place. She was so distracted by her anger, she didn't even sense a figure creeping up behind her.

"Boo!" Jallxian shouted.

"Gah!" Lyxcae yelled, jumping. She whipped around to see who it was.

"Oh, its you," she snapped, "What the hell do you want?"

“Hey now, no need to be so hostile! I’m your friend!” Jallxian laughed.

“No you’re not! You poisoned me!”

“I was only following orders,” Jallxian giggled, “Besides, maybe if you weren’t such a little brat and decided to come quietly, I wouldn’t have had to use my poison.”

“Well, whatever, I’m going to my room!” Lyxcae shouted, storming off.

Jallxian looked at her nails coolly. “Do you even know where your room is?”

“Of course I do!” she huffed, “Its on the 8th floor, first door on the first hallway.”

“So I see. And umm, where is this first hallway on the 8th floor?”

“Geez, well that’s an easy question! Its…its…ummm…” There were two staircases in front of her, each splitting in a different direction. “Uhh…its that way!” she said, pointing to the one on the left.

Jallxian clicked her tongue and turned away. “Well, if that’s what you really think then, I won’t bother you.” She began to walk away.

“W-wait a sec!” Lyxcae sighed, admitting defeat, “Could you show me the way?”

Jallxian quickly spun around, a wide grin on her face, “I’m glad you asked! This way my friend!”


“And here we are! Home sweet home!” Jallxian proclaimed, standing in front of a plain looking grey door. She pushed the door open, revealing a sparsely furnished room. All that was in there was an uncomfortable-looking grey bed, with a small end table with a simple alarm clock next to it. It didn’t even have a window to let light in. To the left there was another door, most likely the bathroom.

“Please tell me we can decorate,” Lyxcae groaned. She absolutely hated grey and white, they were such boring colors.

“Don’t worry, once Superior gives you a paycheck I’ll take you to Twilight Town or something so you can get some stuff for your room,” Jallxian said, “Well, dinner is at 7:30! I’m right across from you if you need anything!” She sped out of the room.

Talk about night and day,” Lyxcae thought, “One minute she wants to kill me, the next she wants to be best pals. What a weirdo!

She flopped down on the bed and gave a contented sigh. “You know, these beds aren’t as bad as they look. Think I’ll take myself a little nap,” she said, yawning widely. But try as she might, she couldn’t sleep. Her thoughts were plagued by Heartless and her family. She had no way of knowing whether everyone was okay…

“I really miss home…” Lyxcae sniffled. Then, her vision began to get cloudy. But it wasn’t because of tears, this was something much worse. Lyxcae could barely hold back a scream.

A cobweb had fallen on her face.

Aaahhhhh!” She screamed as if she were a banshee. The blonde Nobody began to roll wildly around her bed in an attempt to rid herself of the evil speck of dust. However, try as she might, it didn’t feel like coming off.

Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!” she screamed. Suddenly, a shimmering light appeared in her hands. Two seconds later, a giant, metal hammer appeared. The handle was roughly 3 feet long, with the head being about 2 in length, and at least a foot and a half in width. Near the base of the head, a red string was tied to the hammer. However, this new item seemed to have gone unnoticed by the screaming girl.

Now not only was her body moving wildly, but she had a weapon as well. She swung it, breaking pieces of the bed as she did. She even managed to make a 5 foot hole in the wall next to her when it made contact with it!

Lyxcae began to calm down and her breathing slowed. The nasty cobweb had loosed itself from her face.

“There, much bet-gah!” She was just getting relaxed when the bed groaned and broke in half!

Suddenly, the door opened and Jallxian poked her head through the door. “Oh! I almost forgot to tell you…what the hell happened in here!?”

“Cobweb,” Lyxcae stated blandly. Her hammer had disappeared from her hands.

Jallxian whistled, “Wow, you really did a number on this place! Remind me never to piss you off…”

Lyxcae rubbed her forehead and sighed. “So, what did you want?”

“Well, I was going to tell you that Laylay lives next door to you. Then I was gonna go take you to meet her!” she laughed, “But it looks like we won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“Huh? Why?” Lacey asked.

“Because she’s staring at you right now.”

“What are yo-oohh…I see why.”

A scared, pale face looked back at the two girls from behind silver glasses through the large hole. Leyxsha was sitting on her bed, which was against the now destroyed wall. She was leaning forward and staring in horror at them. Then, she passed out.

“Oops,” Lyxcae said quietly, standing up and brushing the debris off her black coat.

“What in Kingdom Hearts’ name is going on in here?“ a cool voice asked in the hallway.

“Uh-oh, the Looney Diviner is here,” Jallxian groaned.


“Jallxian, Lyxcae, there had better be a good explanation for this mess,” Saïx said, stepping through the doorway.

Lyxcae froze, this guy looked even worse than Xemnas! An X-shaped scar marred his handsome face.

“Well?” he asked, looking at the two girls.

“I, umm, kinda destroyed my bed…and the wall,” Lyxcae said sheepishly.

“And you made poor Laylay pass out,” Jallxian added.

“Thank you Jallxian,” Lyxcae grumbled.

“This is a very serious situation Lyxcae,” Saïx stated, “We shall have to give you the maximum punishment.”

Lyxcae looked scared, and Jallxian picked up on her fear. She thought quickly and turned to Saïx. “Umm, can all this wait until after dinner? Its already 7 ‘o’ clock!”

“No, we will deal with this now Jallxian. You may leave for dinner if you wish.”

“But you know how much Superior hates it when somebody’s late for dinner!”

“It doesn’t matter. This will be solved here and now.”

“Hey, Saïx, let me handle this.”

The trio looked back at the doorway. Xigbar stood there.

“Don’t interfere Xigbar, I am already in control of the situation,” Saïx said. Even though his voice was cool, there was a hateful edge in it.

“I recruited her, so it should be my job to handle her punishments for now,” he said, “Besides, Superior wants to talk to you about something.”

“What does he wish to speak with me about?”

“I dunno, how should I know? I‘m just the errand boy.”

Saïx glared at Xigbar, and looked over his shoulder at the blonde Nobody. After a few seconds of silence, he finally spoke. “Hmph, very well then,” he said, leaving the room.

Xigbar watched him disappear in a shadowy portal and sighed in relief. “You know, you’re a pretty lucky girl right now. If Superior hadn’t sent me to go grab Mr. Temper, you’d be pretty screwed right now.”

Lyxcae sighed and fell to the floor. “Jesus, I never want to meet that guy in a back alley!”

“You sure don’t. Underneath that cool exterior, he’s a real beast,” Jallxian said, sticking her tongue out, “I remember this one mission we were on together. I saw him beat a guy senseless for not giving us correct information about a target. Sure, it took us a few extra days to complete the mission because of it, but he didn’t have to try to kill the guy!”

“Saïx is a bad dude, so try not to piss him off,” Xigbar said, stepping closer to Lyxcae, “Alright, Jallxian, help me grab Leyxsha.”

“Yessir!” she said, saluting.
The two Nobodies carefully stepped around the debris and reached the wall. Xigbar climbed through the hole and picked up the passed out girl. Jallxian reached over and Xigbar handed Leyxsha over to her.

“Okay Laylay, let me go grab some water from the bathroom! Don’t go anywhere!” Jallxian dashed to Lyxcae’s bathroom. She returned with a glass full of water.

“Open wide Leyxsha!” the brown haired Nobody giggled as she poured water on her.

“So, what are you gonna do with me?” Lyxcae asked Xigbar as they watched Leyxsha’s eyes snap open. She sat up and scrubbed her face with her sleeve, then gasped and almost passed out again when she saw the hole to her room.

“Hmm, well, I guess I have something in mind. You may or may not find it unbearable.” Xigbar turned and headed for the staircase. “You know where the dinning hall is, right?”

“No, but I’ll just get Jallxian to tell me. Aren’t you going to tell me what my punishment is?”

“Nope. Not until after we eat,” he laughed, “Think of it like a surprise!” He descended the staircase and left the trio to their thoughts.


Jallxian smiled hungrily as she piled food on to her plate, her mouth a blur as she chattered to Lyxcae. Sitting next to her was Leyxsha, and she was staring at something across the table. Jallxian sighed in disgust when she saw that peas were being served. “Bleh, I hate these things,” she grumbled, piling some on her plate.

“Then why are you putting them on your plate? Why not just leave ‘em be?” Lyxcae asked, cutting up her pork.

“Because they’re fun to chuck at that Roxas kid over there,” Jallxian said matter-of-factly.

“Oh geez,” the blonde Nobody sighed, “So, which one is Roxas?”

“The blonde one sitting next to Firebug over there,” she said, pointing down the table. Lyxcae looked over and saw a young looking kid sitting next to a tall man with fiery red hair. The boy didn’t look over 15, while the man had to be at least 20.

“What’s the red-headed guys name?” she asked.

“Axel. He’s alright, but he can be a real p***k sometimes. And rumor has it that him and the kid are lovers,” Jallxian snickered.

“Ew! Wouldn’t that make him a gay *****!?”

“Yep, but it is just a rumor.”

“Huh, I see.” Lyxcae continued to examine the others at the table, then turned to Jallxian. “Mind telling me their names?”

“Sure,” Jallxian picked up her fork and pointed to each member as she said their name, “Well, you already know who Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saïx are, but the guy with the sweet looking dreadlocks and the sideburns is Xaldin. He controls wind and likes to stab things, and he cooks for the Organization. Over there is Lexaeus, he controls earth and wields a tomahawk. The emo kid next to him is Zexion. He’s super smart and does illusions and stuff.”

“Okay, and that guy over there is Vexen right?” Lyxcae asked, pointing at a blonde man eating alone.

“Uh-huh, Ice Ice Baby over there likes it cold and uses a shield. And the guy Laylay keeps staring at is Demyx.”

Leyxsha snapped out of her reverie and blushed heavily. “I-I’m not staring!”

“Whatever, anyway, he fights with this big guitar thi-”

“I-its not a guitar!” Leyxsha said quickly, interrupting Jallxian, “Its…called a sitar.”

“Sitar. My bad. Whatever,” Jallxian huffed, “Anyway, he fights with water and is a total wimp, just like Laylay over here.” Leyxsha groaned.

“He’s got funny lookin’ hair,” Lyxcae giggled.

“I know! Seriously! I dunno if it’s a mullet or a mohawk, so I just call it a mullhawk!” Jallxian proclaimed.

“Okay, who’s the guy over there with all the piercings?”

“His name is Luxord. He’s got a funny weapon too, playing cards.”

“Playing cards? How the hell does someone fight with cards?” Lyxcae asked, puzzled, “What does he do? Give them paper cuts?”

“Actually, I really don’t know. But he controls time too, which is pretty flippin’ sweet if you ask me.”
“Yeah, that is pretty cool,” the blonde Nobody agreed.

“Alrighty, who else is there…oh yeah! You see the really hot guy over there? With the pink hair?”

“Yeah, he is really good looking…but he looks like a stuck up p***k too.”

“Well, his name is Marluxia. He fights with flowers and a scythe. And he’s a total babe…” Jallxian said dreamily.

“Flowers? Geez, what a wuss!”

“You say that now, but wait ‘till you see him fight! He could kick anyone’s a**!”

“Whatever. So, who’s the last one over there?” she asked, pointing to the woman sitting next to Marluxia.

“Oh. Her,” Jallxian said flatly, “Her name is Larxene. She’s nothing great, just a real b***h.”

“What’s her power?”

“Lightning. And she uses throwing knives,” Jallxian said, “Hmm…yep, that’s everybody. Quite the crew we got here huh?”

“You got that right,” Lyxcae said.

The trio finished their meal and were getting ready to head back to their rooms when Xigbar came up to them and stopped them.

“Okay, now we can talk punishment,” Xigbar said, his one eye shining mischievously.

“Hey, I don’t like that light in your eye Xiggy. I feel like this is going to end badly,” Jallxian said, eyeing the older Nobody.

“Alright, what do I have to do? Scrub toilets? Wash all the floors? Spend more than 5 minutes with Saïx alone?” Lyxcae asked.

“Nope, I think this might be a little worse than all those…” he laughed.


“Gah! This is the worst punishment ever! And I didn’t even do anything!” Jallxian yelled while sitting on her bed, hugging her pillow. Her room was decorated in a goth-like fashion, with a black bed and pillows. Her blanket was blood red and thick. Around her room was scattered dolls dressed in Lolita dresses and black candles. The walls were painted black and the carpet was red shag. Her alarm clock that was sitting on her oak end table looked like an angel weeping on a coffin and there was a T.V. on the opposite wall. Connected to it was an X-box that looked like it had been used often.

“So…very…goth!” Lyxcae mumbled to herself. She was laying a grey blanket on the floor. Next to her Leyxsha had already set down a light purple blanket and pillow. She was setting her glasses on Jallxian’s table.

“Well, until Leyxsha and Lyxcae’s rooms are fixed, they’ll have to sleep here. You have yourselves a good night!” Xigbar laughed, exiting the room.

Jallxian grumbled and shut off her light. She dug herself under her sheets and soon fell asleep, leaving only Leyxsha and Lyxcae awake.

“Umm…Lyxcae?” Leyxsha whispered.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“W-welcome to the Organization. I h-hope that we can be friends,” Leyxsha said, smiling warmly.

Lyxcae smiled back and nodded. “Thanks. Goodnight.”

Leyxsha nodded back and rolled over, falling asleep.

Oh boy…this is going to get interesting…” Lyxcae thought before finally drifting off to sleep.


There, now I can go eat dinner xd Also, it is official, Demyx is being paired with an OC. I am comepletely shameless xd Oh, and I guess Xigbar is going to become like a father figure to Lyxcae.

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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 17, 2008 @ 12:47am
First day in the Organization and I get in trouble by destroying my room. xd

And your pairing yourself with Demyx?! *gasps* It's a maricle! *gets slapped* And Xigbar is going to be like a father figure? Really? YAY! blaugh

Anyway really good chapter and hurry with the next one. YAY! *spazzes* blaugh

commentCommented on: Mon Nov 17, 2008 @ 08:31pm
I LOVE MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4laugh Marluxia Marluxia! heart heart

Good Chapter, LayLay! Can't wait for the rest! whee

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