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Today was an amazing day, I woke up and was like "Omg, Twilight comes out today!" So from that minute I was all happy and hyper, even got to wear my Twilight shirt which I had saved for today. Karena called me the night before saying that her mom bought us tickets to go see the movie today at 7:45. So the day went on, it kind of dragged on until about last period. Finally, school ended, I went home, ate and left to the movie.
The movie, freak'n amazing and Edward Cullen is so hot, OMG. When I first saw him in the posters and stuff I was like "ehhh..." but God... in the movie he is so hot and amazing. He's like the perfect guy; glittery skin, mysterious, a vampire (mmm), his voice is so...so calming and hot, his eyes were amazing, and his house was gorgeous.
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I mean look at that!! His face was carved by angels, he's so amazingly perfect and hot.
It's not fair, I don't care if he's not real, I'm jealous of Bella. She gets the guy EVERY girl dreams about; the kind that aren't man-whores, psychotic, abusive, or anything like that... he's just perfect. As soon as the movie started and I saw Edward I squealed. I have never squealed, laughed, cried, and screamed so much during a movie.
And then, the movie's over and Jake texts me and I told him about the movie and all I get is "Twilight looks stupid." Well thank you for bashing my favorite book and movie, I don't go around bashing his favorite stuff. And then he says "Nah, I just don't give a damn^^." Excuse me? Right there, I was on the way home, Karena and her mom sitting in the front and I bursted into tears. Honestly, does he have ANY idea how rude that sounds? So then I said sorry for being rude and told him I love him and the response I get... "ditto". Wow, I'm sorry but that really shows how much you love someone. You know what? That's just an "I don't care response", I say I love you and I get that? I mean wtf!?! I'm sorry, but everything after the movie TOTALLY ruined my day... and the day was going so perfectly. So here I am crying in the car and at Walmart and Karena's comforting me and then she tells me to think of Edward, and I was fine... for a while though.

I don't think I was thinking clearly last night, I was into the whole Twilight craze...I shouldn't have got mad at Jake for that. >.<

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    Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 04:44pm

    So twilight was awesome? It comes out in dec for us.
    Bummer!!! Twilight craze is finne, and it was kind of rude.
    But don't cry about it.

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    Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 04:51pm

    He hasn't even texted me to say good morning.
    I couldn't sleep last night, I felt like crap... I wanted Jake so bad and I wanted to say sorry to him again and at the same time, I kept seeing Edward everywhere.

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