Tenets of Judaism

Draft 1
Week 10
Evan J. Schlesinger

The Torah holds some of the oldest stories known to man. All the stories with in the Torah have a “Message”, or a “Moral”, to tell the reader about the rules of God and Judaism; there are seven of these Tenets of Judaism: God is eternal and one, the prophets words are true, the dead will be resurrected, the messiah will come, the torah was given to Mosses, God knows the thoughts and deeds of men, and sacrificing and praying is reserved for God only. In the famous story of Passover, formally known as the story of Pharaoh, God knew that the plagues were affecting the pharaoh because he told mosses that pharaoh’s heart was hardening. Without stories explaining then rules, religion would be very dull.
The two tenets, the Torah was given to Mosses and prayer is for God, are very closely related. In the story of the Golden Calf, while mosses were bringing the stone tablets down Mt. Sinai, Aaron had created a golden calf that all the Israelites had prayed to. God became extremely angry, so angry that he was going to kill every single Israelite, but Mosses conceived God that he should only kill those who prayed to the calf. Mosses was already bringing the stone tablets when he saw the calf, which had the Ten Commandments written on them, which had the basic laws of life inscribed on them. One of which, said that “thou shall not pray to false idols or false gods, pray only to god”.