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boredness random stuff that happens...

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well that was about this dude i really really liked, raymond (my polar bear). he had broken up with his gf of 2ish years and me and him started dating...but we never really got together because he said he didnt want to rush in to another relationship. well we went on like that for about 4 months (weird, that's actually the about of time me and bobby were together...sucks) and everything seemed to be going great and we were starting to get serious....then towards the end of may he just stopped talking to me. i asked him what was up and he said that he wanted to be serious with me and he wanted to be sure that he wasnt just in lust with me but after what happened (spent the day at his house, we made out and he left me a hicky) he felt that maybe he didnt like me as much as he thought. around the time of my last entry though i found out that not even a week after things ended with me and him, he got with this girl who used to be one of my best friends.
havent really talked to him since then but me and the girl are still friends....sortta

after raymond i stayed single for a while (not really one of those peoples who jumps from one person to another, dont really see how people can do that, so i usually take months off at a time). then in late august i got with my Petrie, Demetri. things seemed great at first but sadly i knew things werent going to work cuz even with our very first kiss i felt no emotion from him. i wanted things to work cuz i loved being with him but it was not ment to be. after about a month of being together (early october) he broke up with me giving me a bunch of bullshit excuses. not even a week later i found out that he was with some little 15 year old (i only say little because he's 18 ). he stopped talking to me for a while and i thought that was going to be it but then a few weeks ago he txt me apologizing for us not talking and letting me know he got a new cell and gave me his new number. so things are kool with us again.

well for once i didnt give my self the months upon months to be single, the day before halloween me and my best friend for the past 3 and a halfish years finally got together and i could not be happier. i love him so much, i always have actually. yea we've had a few "disagreements" but we always work them out. about a week ago he was gonnna break up with me because he thought thats what was best for me. i'm serious when i say it was worse than all my previous breakups combined. i was litterally heartbroken. we were able to fix things though thanks to my mom's help and we both agreed to forget the breakup even happened.

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