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Welcome to the 9th level of hell!
A Tale of Two Failures
Men cry not for themselves...
The 1st one actually isn't my failure. eek

-So me and my buddy TJ were playing Resident Evil(a horror game series, for those who don't know) 4. Here is my dialogue as I'm playing through.

"YEAH, EAT SOME SHOTGUN *****! **********************************! *****! ****!***!**!***!" (insert victorious laughing in between somewhere in all that.)

Yeah, I swear a lot when I play this game. Now here's TJ's dialogue.


Hehe. Wimp.

-Today at school we played volleyball, possibly the worst sport ever. Here is what the other team was doing: Hitting the ball at 40 MPH, AIMING AT YOUR FACE in hopes you'll try to dodge it rather than hit it. Here's how I got hit.
1) Side of the head, hearing knocked out for about 2 minutes.
2) Back of the right knee(my bad one) crippled for 10 minutes.
3)Shoulder, knocked back.
4) hand, grazed it
5) stomach, stunned for 5 minutes, had a feeling that I would vomit, but didn't.
Lucky number 6) was not paying attention and felt the JETSTREAM of a ball go by my head so quickly it made my shirt flap in the wind. Would have K.O.'d me had it hit.

*sighs* stare
...But for their comrades.

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