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hiyas...well...my friend ish being all deressed and stuffs..so...im gunna post this so that she can read it cuz im bored..and cuz i feel like making her read this or at least one of meh journals...
so, this ish the story im working on...:

My Story

Once upon a time, there lived a small girl. Her name was Lily-Lou Wood. She was an ordinary girl with a loving, caring family. Then, one day, that all changed. The entire village and even her own family despised her. She did not know the reasoning behind their hatred. Then, one day, she found the reason. It was because of her eye color. Her eye color was seen as the eye color of a witch. She had beautiful pale green eyes. One night, she became so fed up with her village that she decided they had to be erased from her life. So, she took her cross bow, sword, and poison darts. Later that night, she struck. Blood stained every corner and every road of the village. That night became known as the “needle’s night massacre”. It has been one year since that night, and now young Lily-Lou lives her life as a changing cat named A-Capella. She is this cat because a real witch put a spell on her. Now, she lives to protect a young girl named Musica. She is to always be at her side, or else the curse will never be lifted. The other effect of the curse is that Lily-Lou did not remember that she ever had that name. The only name that she knows is A-Capella, mistress Musicas’ personal bodyguard.

It was the first day of a new school year. A-Capella was not happy. The start of school meant that she would not be able to see her precious Musica for a while for, she would be at school with all of those weird children. She shuddered at the very thought of boys trying to hit on her. So, she tried to sneak herself into Musica’s backpack. Before she could successfully get into the backpack, she was picked up and put back on the ground. “A-Capella, im sorry but, you cannot come to school with me. It’s not allowed. If it was, then I would definitely take u with me.” Sometimes, no matter how much she loved Musica, she could really hate how she followed ALL OF THE RULES. So, she was forced to stay home while she went to school. In order to have time go by faster, she morphed herself into her human form. In her human form, she had long dark brown hair with black tips and bangs. She also had pale green eyes and looked to be around the age of twenty-one or twenty-two. Also, she had one hell of a pair of fangs. She could cut someone’s hand off if she bit it just right. “I feel like bugging the crap out of her father. Hey! Dino-kun! Im hungry!!” she then ran down stairs and into the kitchen. “Leave me alone A-Capella. Im doing my work.” “So, I don’t care. I’m still going to bug you.” She then walked over towards him and picked up the newspaper he was reading. “Can I have some of your coffee?” “I’m going to say no, but I know for a fact that you’re going to drink it anyway. So, go ahead and have some.” A-Capella pouted then. “Aww, now it’s no fun since you agreed to let me have some.” She then pouted some more then walked away. She headed outside so she could go for a walk to kill some time until Musica came home later that day. “Man, humans are boring…except for mistress Musica…she’s entertaining…except that all those horrible boys that talk to her constantly everyday….” As she walked, she started to kick a small stone that was in her path along her walk way.
“Hey! Look!! A hottie at twelve o’clock!” A-Capella turned around to see a group of guys she had never seen staring at her. “Hey, I get dibbs on her.” “I AM NOT AN OBJECT FOR YOU TO TALK ABOUT THAT WAY!” she turned fully around and punched the one who had said that right in the face. “Look out! Crazy chick on the loose!” the guys that were around her all scattered into different directions. “Humph. That’ll show ‘em not to mess with me like that.”

thats all i have of it so far, but, there will be more of it, i promise!!!

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