Extended Story

It had been three weeks since the joining of Prince Rerian and Princess Cerilene. Vledamir had not delayed in making preparations for the journey ahead. His brother was well aware of his intentions and excused him from the general's duties for as long as Vledamir desired in hopes that he would find the same happiness that the Prince had. He had left the castle on horseback with no true destination in mind with only the wind at his back and the sounds of hooves thrumming on the ground under him. But if there was one thing that he was sure of is that he would find the one he had longed for.

The days became routine as he made camp just after sunset, had the dream that inspired the journey and woke up more determined than the day before. Nine days into the journey, he caught some travelers deep in conversation about a princess who was said to have long, golden sewn hair that stretched for many fields. He slowly passed by the men who paid no attention to the General's eavesdropping.

'....said she was being held captive by some old flea-bitten witch somewhere east,' said one traveler.
'Any man that could rescue her from that tower would be in for a bit more then riches. Oh ho!' chuckled a second one.
'I'd be willing to bet my purse that she won't be in that tower for too long,' smirked a finely dressed man with a sword on his hip.

The three men looked at each other will chuckles and grins. Vledamir knew the discussion of the princess had passed to another topic, so he headed off in the direction that the first man had spoke of. Several hours went by before he caught sight of the tower said to hold his damsel. The hour grew late before he had made it to the tower. The General made camp just beyond the tree line. The idea of him finding his own love in that tower filled him with a joy that has long since been absent from his heart. The thought allowed him to drift into a peaceful sleep. As the night crept away and dawn broke over the land, a voice coming from beside the tower woke him from his sleep.

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!'

Vledamir quickly awoke and looked from behind the tree that he had slept against. There, raising his hands towards the tower, was the man dressed in finery that he had seen talking with the travelers. 'A prince,' Vledamir thought to himself. 'Just my luck.' As he got up and began to pack up his camp, he saw a golden thread being tossed out of the window in the tower. Stopping what he was doing, he examined the rope closer. He gasped as he realized it was, indeed, the hair of the maiden above. Just as he noticed it, he laughed as the prince began climbing the hair like a rope.

"I wonder if she likes her hair being pulled," the masculine thought made Vledamir grin. "If not, I'd hate to be that guy when he gets to the top of the tower."

After the camp was finished being packed, he continued on to see what awaited him in the next lands. Vledamir had the creeping suspicion that his journey was far from over.