This was originally posted unto my Myspace for people who meant a lot to me but, I am under aged so it can only be viewed by my friends.
Here it is again.

It's been a while.
Yeah, quite some time.
Many things have happen, most I can't recall... it seems there's a glitch in my brain that wont allow me to do like other people... But it can't be bad right? Sometimes things are meant to be left behind, to move on, to keep on.

But does it bother me?

It's a new year, new cycle, in every place, in many ways everyone is doing what life forces us to do even if all we do is sit down and let is pass, but it does pass, time that is. Wether we let it run through our hands or grasp it.
My life span started around five years ago, the rest is there somewhere hiding in some random place of my conciousness, sneaky thing. It likes to probe at my brains occasionally, so I know it's there.
Done a few things, seen some other and tried some new. But very few.
Yet this time, this year for the first time, in what I can bring my eyes to picture anyway.
It's different, I'm not sure why, I'm not sure how actually.
But I can feel it. Just that, I can feel it.
Happiness, my cheeks becoming warm, my head spinning.
Excitement itself, a looking forward.
Just like a child.

I've felt what it's like for God to take your hand and lift you up.
Thank you for giving me this new life.
At least that's what my heart wants to interpret it as... but Thank you.
Thank you God for my Mother and Father, for my Family, my Memories, and this Life.
Thank you for Erik, I truly cherish and love this person, thank you so much for letting me be with this person. I love you Erik.
Thank you for all of the Friends you've given me, I'm so grateful for all of you, for staying with me, being there for me, people like Stephanie, Allie, William, Surge.
Thank you for loving me, taking care of me, all of you.

I love you all, God bless you.


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