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Rant, Vents, and Other Useless Reads

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I need to vent! Got damn!
So, I'm in this roleplay. It's going quite nicely and then this guy with a Total Gary Stu character shows up. It's fine. He has one character. All's well. He reigns supreme, higher then the freaking ROLEPLAYING CREATOR! And He Writes Like This. Every Word Has The First Letter Capitalized.
Illiteracy, ahoy!

So, he makes Xigbar and... another Gary Stu! Xigbar's "Son."
Xigbar would NEVER take anybody in as an apprentice unless Xemnas told him he had to, and then he'd treat him like s**t. And Xigbar praises the kid.

I felt a tic go off, but I ignored it and went along.
So, he warns us he's creating another character: His first Character's HEARTLESS, right after I suggested bringing in Anti-Sora.
So, I bring in Anti-Sora and the "King's Heartless, the Emperor" is stronger then his first character.

Another tic.
I would have been okay with everything going on, and then he starts this battle. This one guy who wants to get in on it (note: he hasn't been on for a while, and we missed him) and you know what he said as the kid attacked the "Emperor?"
"This battle was supposed to be epic. You ruined it." Something along those lines, making the kid EDIT his post and so that all that's showing is "...."

That REALLY pissed me off. BOOM. So, I decided, this guy isn't worth my kindness. He's illiterate and annoying.

So, just as we get to a cliffhanger, he leaves us hanging.
"What happened to our 'epic battle'?" another player asks, using his words.
"Yeah, where'd he go?" I say. "Epic. Fail."
He blows up saying s**t about Christmas break and stuff.
Okay, fine. We gave him TWO WEEKS to post.
We start questioning again, saying to improvise.
So, he comes out of the blue and says he was waiting for the captain. HE WAS HOLDING EVERYONE UP! She wasn't waiting for HIM!

He seems to have more power then she does, and he isn't even on the crew list... THERE IS NO CREW LIST! It's just HER IN CHARGE!
But, she hasn't banned him yet. So, he must have connections.

This guy is horrible. Hasn't see not seen it yet? WTF?!

Right now, I'm thinking about quitting because of one guy. And it's such a great roleplay, too. I love everyone in it, but HIM.

Not giving out any links or names. Don't want people flaming and people knowing it was me, 'cause I'd rather quit with dignity then be kicked out and humiliated.

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