uzumaki naruto is his name his purpose is to become the greatest hokage his age 15, he has blond hair,and blue eyes, and rumor has it that he has a secret lover so lets see if we can find out who it is shall we?

naruto: hey sasuke look look!!!
sasuke:what is it dobe?
naruto:look wat i got in my locker!
sasuke:a love letter?
naruto:yay i was wondering if u can read it to me redface
sasuke:wat? u don't know how to read?
naruto:no...not very good?
sasuke:and how old r u again?
naruto:r u going to read it to me or not!?
sasuke:ya ya whatever.
sasuke:it says naruto here wat i have to say i love u there's no other way to show u how i feel becuz ur clueless to see it. there's no reason for me to get ur attention u talk to me everyday hopefully when u read this you'll figure out who wrote this and before i end this little letter i'm a boy.
sasuke:so wat did u think?
naruto:wow this person must really love me ok i know wat i have to do
sasuke:wat r u going to do?
naruto:figure out who this person is and tell him wat i think about him whenever i figure out who it is
naruto:thanks sasuke your the best bye
sasuke:that dobe i wonder how long it will take him to find out?