I'm going to have my first gymnastics competition on Saturday.
It will be in OC GYMNASTICS in Orange County.
I'm just going to describe my routines! biggrin
BEAM: These are my major skills:
Switch leap sasong (i think thats how you spell it...XD) to tuck jump. Full-turn. Bhs Bhs step out. front-walk-over to wolf jump stradle jump.
Floor: Major skills:
Round-off bhs layout-full (twist). Round-off whip-tuck. fhs pike.
Switch-leap wolf ring jump. Straight leg ful turn. Jump to splits. Butt-spin. XD
Vault: Suc. (I dont know how to spell it though...XP)
Bars: Whole routine: kip cast turn kip cast squat-on,
jump to hign bar kip cast clear-hip (,or free-hip) to 2 giants to fly-away! XD

Those are the routines im doing! XD
If you read this...please leave a good luck comment...thanks! heart